Have you ever heard of that?

Happiness is a journey and not a destination?

Well, I have and I first heard about it loooooong ago but I guess I never really got the “meaning” of those sayings, I mean.. there were just sayings to me, why bother to make a fuss whether it was a journey or a destination, just as long as you’re happy so it doesn’t really matter anyway, right?

Until recentlyy..

I had my other lesson from the game I played here on Facebook, Pet Society.

You see my pet, Angelicious, is a lazy pet, she just loves visiting her neighbours to collect coins and she barely even cares about her paw points so her level is going up soo slooooooww..

Until one dayy.. I decided to make her running to chase more paw points and I set 150.000 paw points as the end result.

I remembered my friend once said that feeding your neighbours’ pets could increase your paw points the rapid ways, 17 paw points per food.

So Angelicious was busy packing up for about 99 apples and went feeding her friends.

Ohh boyy.. there were soo many hungry pets out there and 99 apples surely weren’t enough to feed them all so Angelicious had to make a run for couple of times to the food shop to buy another apples.

On her busiest days, she could get more than 10.000 paw points a day just by making a visit and feeding her neighbours, oohh wooww..

After feeding the pets only with apples she finally realized that corn also gave the same paw points as apple so this time Angelicious was packed her bag with 99 apples and 99 corns at a time so she didn’t need to run to the food shop that often anymore ;p

Finallyy.. after feeding those hungry pets over and over again.. Angelicious reached her goals, 150.000 paw points, babee, yeaahh ^o^

She finally got to her destination..

Soo.. she should be happy about that, right?

Well.. she was happyy..

But after a while she felt ehmm.. kindaa.. emptyy..

She has lost all her enthusiasms in feeding her friends when she made another visits after getting to her so-called destination :p

She was much happier while she was still on the run than when she finally set her feet on her destination.

This made me realized something..

In the end it’s not about whether you finally make it to your so-called destination or not, but it’s more about having (and enjoying) the excitements in doing things that makes you getting closer in reaching your destination that counts cause sometimes getting “there” doesn’t give you the same “feeling” as the mixed up feelings you might have experienced on your journeys to get “there”.

It’s like saying, “this is it?”, huehehe..

And I know it doesn’t mean that you stop doing things when you’ve reached your destination, all you have to do is enjoy it for a while and start planning another destination to pursue ;p

But whyy oohh whyy.. I still haven’t got the desire to make another destination?! *sigh*

*been thinking whether the content of the note match with the title or not, ahahaha :p*


this is Angelicious at the Stylish Shop, since I don’t have a heart to “operate” her eyes