I guess growing up with Cinderella story has made me a fairytale lover and even when I’m no longer a kid now, the charm still holds a special place in my heart.

Although Prince Charming is in Snow White’s story, couldn’t help but relate him with Cinderella, ahahaha :p

*Prince Charming’s riding a white horse*

But anywayy..

I’m not going to talk about Cinderella or Snow White, cause the main reason why I bring up this Prince Charming this mainly because I’d like to ask any of you who is also a fairytale lover like me..

My question is :

What colour of horse would you like your Prince Charming (or your knight in shining armour) riding?

Ahahaha.. yupp.. that’s the main reason why I want to talk about in this note, hihihi :p

If I’m not mistaken, Prince Charming rode a white horse, eh?

So I guess that image stucked in our heads more than what we intended to, ahahaha..

But growing up also made me wondering about things..

Why does it have to be white?!

Is white the only colour available for horses?!

I still couldn’t decide yet whether I want my own Prince Charming’s riding a white horse or a black one, ahahaha :p

*unnecessary thoughts.com*

I guess somehow somehow.. personally I think he’d looked wayy more cool with black horse, yeaahh..

But then again, “black” is often associated with darkness, something gloomy, so Prince Charming with black horse won’t be Prince Charming again, cause he’s more suitable to be Prince of Darkness, ahahaha :p

But somehow somehoww..

I don’t know.. I’ve got this kind of image in my head that the one who’s riding black horse is the kind of man, or at this “case” should we say “prince”, who will save the princess because he loves her and he’s willing to go the distance and face whatever things might be to be with the one he loves.

Whileas the Prince Charming on white horse is the kind of prince who will save the princess mainly because it’s the right thing to do, whether he loves her or not is out of question :p

I don’t know why I think this way, ahahaha πŸ˜€

Well.. if that so, why would I still confuse?

Guess this is because I’m still wondering whether it’s okay to want different things than what people usually want?

I know I know..

A part of me knows for sure that it’s totally okayy because we’re all different so it’s only natural if we want different things, right?

But another part of me is still wondering at times..

Is there something wrong with me? :p

I mean.. why would I want different things than what people usually want?

Oh well..

How about your own Prince Charming then? πŸ˜€

What colour is his horse? ^o^


Nb. Picture is taken from : http://i.ehow.com/images/GlobalPhoto/Articles/4784871/g-021-prince-charming-main_Full.jpg