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What’s your life theme for 2009?

Started in 2007, I could make a theme for my life, ahahaha..

My life’s theme in 2007 : The Year of Fighting(s).

My life’s theme in 2008 : My First-Time(s) Year.

And I guess here in 2009..

My life’s theme is : Questioning The Faith Year.

Huahahaha.. isn’t it interesting what life brings me and how it makes some turns in my life :p

The theme that I chose was based on the things I’ve been going through during the year.

I’m gonna post about this more next time..

When I’m in the mood to write, ahahaha..

Feels like writing but don’t know what to writee..

So better get back to my drawing :p

What’s your life’s theme in 2009? šŸ˜‰

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Have I told you how I love quotes?

Those wonderful messages hold special place in my heart.

In my down moments.. sometimes remembering those words could strengthen me in a way.

When there seems no way to go on.. those words somehow makes me believe that I’m gonna find my way out, too, from this so-called situation :p

I have this kind of “habit” in sending those inspiring words via text messages.

Sometimes I get those messages from my friends, sometimes from the quotes I collected.

It has been a while since the last time I sent those forwarded message again, huehehehe..

Feels kinda lazy to do so :p

Besides.. sometimes I feel like my forwarded message might only annoy the people who receive them and will only make their inbox full, ahahaha..

But since yesterdayy.. don’t know whyy.. I started sending them again cause I had some inspiring words from my friend that I wanted to share.

Here are the text messages :


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I love humans.. I do, ahahaha..

Even though sometimes they can be such a pain but oftentimes they give us pleasant surprises from time to time.

And I guess it’s true..

We never really get to know someone whollyy, ahahaha..

For even with ourselves we don’t know 100%, right?

There’s always always a part in us that we don’t know (yet).. although at times the “unknown” side might be revealed a little but there are still so much more that need to be learned and felt for us to get in touch with.

And that perhaps the exciting parts in dealing with other people.

Cause at first you don’t know them at all.

They are like blank pages to you.

But as you get to know them personallyy..

Suddenly they are not as blank as before anymore.. for little by little you find another colours, another faces, another sides in them.

Every little thing about them that shaped them into an image in your head about the person you’re dealing with.


Ahahaha.. another old post from my blog :p

Looks like I’ve talked too much in my writings that I couldn’t even remember what I’ve been talking about all these times, ahahaha šŸ˜€

But I stumbled upon one posting that’s kinda related to my previous notes here.

It’s about.. children (again) :p

Well.. I guess something just never changed, ehh?

Originally this was posted on August 19, 2008.

And the link of the original post is :



Hmm hmm kalimat berikut ini udh lumayan lama gua denger di Oprah, di episode tentang anak2 yg ortunya bercerai.

Yg ngomong adl psikolog terbaik dlm menangani anak2 ‘hasil’ perceraian. Hehehe.. Saya lupa nama Bapak, Pak, hihihi :p

Dia bilang gini :

When you’re talking bad things about your spouse in front of your children it’s like blaming their DNA!’

Woww wooww.. It’s so very true yaa..

Krn children itu khan having half DNA of their father and the other half is from their mother.

Eheemm.. Sptnya seeh gt, haha, gua mana ngerti soal DNA2-an, hahaha :p

Soo, parents of the world, please watch your mouth, especially when you’re having any arguments with your husband or wife ’cause usually when emotions take over, the harsh words will flow.

Just bite your tongue when it happens and try to hold it as long as you can before you take part in damaging your own children’s souls.

But you know what, D.. Sometimes I think children need to be updated with the real life situation their parents’ are in so that they won’t be living in any illusional life which is fake.

I believe that once in a while they need to see and hear their parents ‘open war’ so that they know that it’s okay having some arguments once in a while in a marriage.

That way, they will have a more realistic perspective of what marriage life would be.

Unlike me who has been so fed up with Cinderella syndrome, with the famous tag : ‘And they live happily ever after!’

By saying ‘happily’, what stick in my head means that there will be no fightings and arguments at all. Which by the way when you live in a real world that’s almost impossible, right?


I read Lalaa’s blog earlier tonight and her last post there took me back in one of my writings in Blogdrive.

I browsed upon my postings collection and found this one.

I cut this post short to make it be more connected with the one I talk about related to Lalaa’s latest post, One Day in Your Life.

This was originally posted on January 21, 2008.

The link of the original post is here :


And I knew I had another post somewhere related to “Who Will Cry When You Die?”, problem is.. I don’t have a great filing system of my posts, ahahahaha :p

So might need some time to look for that post.



Sabtu, 21 Maret 2009


Actually, I’ve been meaning to write about another topic buat postingan kali ini.

Tapi lagi2 harus tertunda karena ya ‘boo, gua ngga tau musti ngebahas apa tentang topik itu, hahaha :p


Berhubung mentok, tadi pagi gua nonton film aja dhe, kali ini yang dapat giliran adalah filmnya Leonardo di Caprio & Kate Winslet, film berjudul ‘Revolutionary Road’.

Ada yang udah pernah nonton?

And after seeing this movie, I realized something..

Emang bener mendingan gua tuh jangan baca2 review tentang suatu film sebelum nonton filmnya, hahaha..

Karena ada salah satu blogger yang nulis di blognya kalau dia nangis2 nonton nih film.


Instead of focusing on the movie itself, gua malah sibuk menerka2 bagian mana seeh yang bikin dia sampai nangis2, hihihi :p

Faktor itu ditambah faktor subtitle yang ngga match ama apa yang diomongin sehingga terpaksa di-off-in, masalahnyaa..

Kalau ngga ada subtitle gini maaahh bisa mati gaya nontonnya, hahaha, secara gua jadi ga bisa sepenuhnya ngerti cerita filmnya :p


Karena faktor2 di atas, I might miss the things yang mustinya bisa gua pelajari dari film ini.

Tapi satu yang ngga luput gua dapatkan dari film ini adalah mengenai..

A cry for help..

Yupp.. That’s the thing I learn from this movie ^o^

How oftentimes we missed other’s cry for help and they miss ours.

Iya, jeritan putus asa terselubung yang mungkin terkadang kita lontarkan tanpa sadar.

Dengan harapan agar mereka yang mendengarnya cukup sensitif untuk tau bahwa kita sedang minta tolong.

Itu yang gua tangkap dari tokoh April yang diperankan Kate Winslet.


Sometimes I wonder how the life goes.

Cause life at times feels like playing games on me.

Just when Iā€™m expecting something so much.

All I ever get is only disappointments.

So I try to let go..

And life gives me another turn.

For it gives me an unexpected surprise, a nice one, thankfully.



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