I don’t think I fancy people who always seem to agree to everything I say.


Well.. firstly because it might have been a very good sign that they’re not listening to everything I say, ahahahaha :p

I’m not saying that two people can’t have similiar opinions on many things, sure they can, but to be totally agree on anything, come on! That’s impossible!

I once read this quote that I liked, it said :

When two people always agree on anything, it’s only one who do the thinking!

So what’s the point in sharing my opinions with them for it feels like I’m talking to the wall, the only difference is that I can see some noddings once in a while, ahahaha :p

Secondly is because those agreeable people don’t help me at all in seeing things from different perspectives.

I meann.. I’ve been wearing these lenses in my head for probably my whole life so it’d be nice to be able to see things with different lenses from the ones I usually wear.

To enjoy the different sights or perhaps to find another kind of beauty on the same things I usually see but always missed!

And how can I ever find that things if the other people won’t ever let me seeing things from their perspectives?

I only know what’s on my mind (and oftentimes misinterprets it as well, ahahaha :p) and how can I ever find out what’s playing on yours if you never speak up your mind?

Whether we realize it or not, most of the time I guess we think that our opinions are the correct ones, and it’s only normal for if we think it’s wrong, why would we ever hold on to it anyway, right?

But you’ll never find out that you might have been wrong all these times if you only know one opinion your whole life cause that means you don’t have any comparisons.

One cannot say that his/her way is the best way is s/he never tries any other ways and only knows that very one way all his/her life.

It might have been the best for that person but might not have been for the others.

People usually take things personally when they have disagreements.

Oftentimes we hear something like this :

Aahh.. you must not like me cause if you like me then you’ll agree with me!

Oohh pleasee..

I might still like you anywayy even when we oftentimes have so many disagreements on things :p

You see, if you always take things personally everytime we have any disagreements, then I think you have problems with your ownselves, huehehehe..

You’re not only your opinions on things, sure your opinions are parts of you, but they aren’t the whole you anyway, you’re so much more than that 😀

-to be continued mode is on-