I was once wrote here about the condition about the grasses in my gardens which were suffering due to the extreme heats and such minimum rains.

The grasses which are supposed to be green, turned out to be yellowish, oohh myy..

After for some time being in ignorant mode because I was too consumed with my own problems and not really paying any attentions to my surroundings, I decided to water them for couple of days, well.. not much of a help, just a little bit better than before, not that yellow anymore but not back in greenish mode either, ahahaha..

And then the rain dropped for couple of days, quite a big rain each time it falled down from the sky.

Those rains fulfilled the thirst of those grasses.

And even though the rain was only lasted for 2 or 3 days. it was enough for the grasses for now they’re back in green mode again!!


This got me thinking..

In times of troubles.. when we felt like there wasn’t any way out of the current suffocation situation, if we have done all we can to make things be easier to handle, maybe the next thing we should learn is to be a little bit more patient.

Maybe life is like a wheel, there are times when we’re on top and there’ll be times when we’re at the bottom but like it or not, we must keep on rolling in our life’s journey.

And in its perfect time with blessings from the Above, things will be back to normal again, even better than before.


Just keep the faith and never let go as long as you still want that to happen.

Got that, Indaahh??

Whether you’re crying or smiling, won’t change your situations anywayy, so the choice is yours, ahahaha..

Better be smiling then for smiling itself might make the heart feel lighter ^o^

*self_reminder mode is on*