I’ve been thinking of only keeping the happy things whenever I write my life’s journals in this notes or in my manyy other blogs.

I mean.. what’s the point in keeping some sad stories for those things that would only make me feel miserable, huehehehe..

But then again I think that things that made me happy now might not be the same with things that will make me happy in some years to come.

I remember read in Yen’s hmm.. status I guess, about some laughs in the past would only bring tears to our eyes in the future and vise versa.

Don’t remember the exact words, hihihi :p

But if that so.. my “happy” postings now might only make me cry in the future, ahahaha.. what an irony :p

So I guess it’s better to write anything I feel at the moment cause afterall this is more about like a trackback of my life, about what I feel at the moment, what my perspectives are, etc.

Soo.. it might be interesting to see how much I’ve changed in years from now, ahahaha..

*hopefully moving forwards and not backwards :p*

And I guess it’s soo truee.. sometimes when you have problems, all you have to do is take them to sleep, ahahaha..

Cause different days will make you feel differentlyy, doesn’t mean that your problems suddenly disappear but you might have a change of emotions 😉

*or is it more about me with my mood swinger thingy?! Ahahaha :p*

I’m gonna end this note with a song from 5ive, “Keep on Moving”, well.. only part of the lyric though, ahahaha..

Let’s sinnnggg..

Get on upp.. when you’re down!!
Babyy.. take a good look around..
I know it’s not much but it’s okay
We’ll keep on moving on anywayy..