I’ve always been dreaming of having my own kind of Prince Charming.

I know.. I knoww.. I’m old enough now and should’ve stopped fantasizing things and check back in to this so-called reality world, ahahaha :p

But somehow somehow.. I just can’t help it, hahaha, for I have this dreamy soul within me :p

And who wouldn’t want Prince Charming anywayy.. for he’s a very picture perfect ideal of a man.

His awesome appearance, and not to forget that he comes to our rescue to take us away from our so-called “miserable” lifes, wakakakakak :p

But somehow somehow.. deep down in my heart, I always know that when the “right” one comes along, I might not care anymore whether he’s riding a horse of not, or does he bring any swords with him to fight all those dragons, ohh waitt.. does he look like a knight in shining armour?

Noo.. all those things wouldn’t really matter anymore.. cause at that time.. my heart will finally do her job, ahahahaha πŸ˜€ *hopefully.com*

Why am I so sure about that?

Because my 2 favourite movies say so, wakakakakak :p

Kiddingg.. but somehow I feel connected with those two main female characters on those movies, hihihi.. the dreamy kind as me, hihihi..

First one is “Enchanted” and the second one is “The Ugly Truth” ^o^

And those two movies are related with this Prince Charming-thingy, ahahaha..

But in the end both of them can let go of their Prince Charming and chose one man who might be totally opposite of their Prince Charming they’ve always been dreaming of, ahahaha :p

Now I want to talk about “The Ugly Truth”, ooohh myy.. that movie is soo funnyy!!

It has been a while since I had my biggest laughs when I watched a movie, hihihi πŸ˜€

And another plus point about “The Ugly Truth” is that.. I have seen the trailer but still like that movie anywayy, so it’s a very good thing, hihihi..

I mean, I usually get disappointed with movies that I’ve seen their trailers before cause turned out that the movie itself ain’t as good as the impression I get from the trailers, ahahaha :p


Mmm.. oohh.. myy.. I already forget Gerard Butler’s character on that movie, ahaha.. Meii, HELP!!

Ahh yes.. Mike..

Mike said to Abby, “Men are visual.”

Ahahaha.. couldn’t agree more.

I remembered on time I wrote a post about “Audio vs Visual”.

I agree that men are visual whileas I think women are more attracted to “audio”, hihihi.. I mean from the men’s voices.

No matter how very handsome one might be, if the voice isn’t match, well.. that can be a turn off, ahahahaha :p

I’m not gonna say on behalf of any other women in the world, hihii.. cause I don’t know what they think anywayy, ahahaha.. but since I’m a woman myself (eeheemm.. kinda awkward to use that phrase for myself since I don’t feel like a woman yet, ahahaha ;p), that’s what more or less I feel anyway, hihihi..

What I like most about this movie is that.. dreams do come true.

Even that head above the clouds-thingy about Prince Charming might happen in real life, ahahahaha..


Prepare yourself that what you really feel when that happen, might not be the same like you’ve always imagined you might feel πŸ˜‰

And in the end.. just follow your heart for your heart might not tell you a lie (eerr.. hopefully it doesn’t give false alarm, ahahaha :p)


Knowing me, I guess it’ll be pretty boring to be with Prince Charming, oohh myy.. I might as well felt like I was trapped in his castle, wakakakakakak :p

So I guess.. Prince Charming is the thing my head wants, ahahaha..

Whileas what my heart wants.. mm..

I’m gonna let you know when I find out the answer, otree?

*I’m not expert yet in hearing what my heart’s got to sayy ;p*

Oh well.. I’m not talking about “The Ugly Truth”, hihihi..

I think I want to watch that movie again, uhuyy..


How’s your Monday so far, everyonee?

Have a blessed week ^o^