Oohh myy.. this is my very own chosen topic but I forgot the exact title of this week’s post, wakakakakakak.. hopefully I didn’t switch the order :p


It’s a neverending “problem” for me so far, to balance my mind and my heart cause oftentimes each of them always goes in different directions, ahahahaha..

I actually want to talk about something else for my FB notes but come to think of it, what I’m about to write is quite similar with today’s ORI so I’m gonna combine them, ahahaha..

Something just crossed my mind a while ago.

Maybe the “battle” between my mind and my heart is about the “battle” between what I “want” and what I “need”, ahahahaha..

Have you ever felt that wayy?

To want something you don’t actually need?

And perhaps, vice versa, to need something you don’t really want?!

Wakakakakakak :p

Sometimes I guess we’re too busyy in getting what we want that we forget to stop for a while to ask ourselves.. do we really need this?

Cause at times..

What we want will never find its end, we will always want something as long as we shall live!

That is why I think I need to draw a clear line for myself not to get too caught up in getting what I want that makes me forget about what I truly needs.

Cause sometimess..

I feel we’re actually a simple humanbeing.

We don’t need much in this world.

And the “wants” are the mm.. voice of ego, I think, ahahaha :p

If I sorted out all those things that I ever wanted, I guess basically all of them would come down to only 2 things.

Things that might be the most important ones for me.

They are : peace and happiness.

And I think these things are the ones that finally match with my needs, ahahahaha :p

I’m wondering which one should I pursue first?

Hmm.. happiness?

I somewhat feel that when I have my happiness, I’ll feel peace in my heart.

Or is it the other way around?


I’ve realized it lately that I needed to make my own definitions on happiness..

But don’t know..

Still can’t make that definition yet, ahahahaha..

All I know is that for mee.. I need to learn how to balance my mind and my heart.

Let them walk together hand in hand in peace and harmonyy..

And that is I guess.. my way of happiness 🙂


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