Okayy.. having too many blogs and sometimes I do write different posts in each blogs, ahahaha.. but sometimes I just copy paste the post anywayy :p

Soo.. sometimes I’m confused whether I’ve posted something here or not, ahahaha..


Since this couple of days I feel this wayy.. and just few hours earlier my friend talked to me on the phone and she also mentioned this one.. so I’m gonna repost this from my NaBloPoMo’s blog (which failed completely cause I lost interest in posting daily there, ahahaha :p)

This one is especially for youu.. my soul companion(s) out there.

Thank youu.. for making me feel that I’m not alone in this world 😉


They say that we, humans, are social persons, meaning?

Even though at times we like being by ourselves, there are always times when we still need other people around us, either to share our stories with them or to share our emotions.

Yes, it’s true.

No matter how individual you are, sometimes you still need other people to keep you sane, ahahaha, cause if you were left alone with your thoughts for too long, you might as well have difficulties to separate the real world with your imaginary one.


Have you ever felt like no one understands you?

And sometimes you just feel real tired to make them understand what’s going on inside your head, about how you see things that different from the way they see?

Not to mention how sometimes you have to hold and bite your tongue not to blurt out some words so that you won’t have any never ending arguments that will surely drain your energy to the lowest level possible!

So, it’s always.. always nice to finally meet someone who can understand you much more that anyone else ever could in your life.

Someone who thinks in the same frequency like you do.

Someone who truly understands how you feel about things cause that person always feel the way you do.

Someone who you can finally called as your soul companion!

It’s like finding an oase in the middle of a desert after soo long you get exhausted under the burning sun!

And perhaps, by finding your own soul companion, you can trust yourself again that it’s okay that at times have different opinions against the mainstreams.

‘Cause you’re not alone.

Even though at times you might feel lonely among the crowds.

But at least now you know..

That those loneliness might be because you are in the wrong kind of crowds, ahahaha ^o^