Oohh myy goodiebag, just read Lalaa’s blog and what she wrote in her blog.. hmm..

Kok mirips seeh, Laa?!

Okayy.. since I don’t really know the meaning of the words “alter ego”, I’m just gonna use another words, which are “another side of me”, ahahaha..

Soo.. here’s the thing.

I have other Facebook account, under another name, of course.

The first main reason why I made that account was to play Pet Society, huehehe..

But since I got bored in waiting for the game to load, I began interacting with some of friends on my list.

I didn’t mean to do it intendedly but don’t know whyy.. under that name, I was like releasing another part of me.

A part of me which didn’t show often when I was as Indah :p

Indah.. the person who thinks too much of nothing, according to some people, ahahaha..

Indah.. the kind of person who sometimes thinks too much of anything before giving her opinions, ahahaha..

Indah.. the kind of person who hates being in never ending arguments so she has to hold her tongue most of the times in order not to put herself into that kind of situation.

But under this new account..

I became a more carefree person, who didn’t think too much on anything, only knew how to have fun anytime anywhere, I don’t care too much what other people think of what I say.

If you agree with me.. fine..

If you don’t.. well, like I care :p

I had fun there, made new virtual friendship with some.

I’m a person who loves opinions, ahahaha.. and I can have many different opinions on the same subjects and the one I pick as my “opinion of the day” can be changed from time to time, pretty much depends on how I feel on that day.

And under this account, I don’t know..

I felt like I was seeing things in a new perspective, almost always from the positive side, ahahaha..

It was like all the negative thoughts were left for Indah’s account whileas this account didn’t even know there was such thing as negativity :p

I really enjoyed while I was becoming her.

Life was much more easier, brighter, funnier and enjoyable without having to worry about anything.

Up to the point where I felt like she was more likeable than the “real” Indah.

And then.. I stopped.

I just couldn’t continue again being “her” and leaving “me” behind.

I know it’s still me somehow for I can never be anyone else.

Even if she’s not real, she’s still a part of my imagination and that imagination belongs to.. well, none other than me anywayy :p

Or perhaps.. she’s a part of me who has been sleeping all these times.

I don’t know.

But the “Indah” part in me demanded that girl to stop.

So I did.

Come to think of it, sometimes I feel it’s funny how I’m kinda jealous with the other side of me, wakakakakak :p

But I’m glad that I put the other girl to “sleep” for I know I can never compete with myself.

By keeping her alive, I feel like I’m dividing myself and splitting my personality instead of making myself a whole person.

I can never compete with her happy-trouble-free personality for indeed she has no problems at all for she has no life.

And here in my account, as my ownself.. ohh myy..

I’m happy that I can still make new friends, hihihi 🙂

(and hopefully still likeable, wakakakak :p)

Well.. thanks to you all.. even though we might not have the chance to meet in persons, meeting you here has somewhat changed a part of me ^o^

Until then..

Have a nice weekend everyonee 😀