Oohh myy goodiebag.. this is bad and I’ve just realized it a while ago.

As a balance lover, I’m soo wayy out of balance myself! Ahahaha..

*totally inconsistent.com*


Situation 1 : Planning and Executing

They say that in order to get to your destinations, you have got to have some plans and do as what you’ve planned.

Not a total guarantee that it’ll work for you might miss a bit but you’re going on the right directions anywayy..


Let’s see what I’ve been doing..

Firstlyy.. oohh, I made lots of plan.

Yes, I did!!

But then again.. I never did what I’d planned anyway, ahahaha.. too busy in making them but forget to execute any of them, ahahaha..

Well.. since the 1st step didn’t work, I went on with my 2nd one, which was..

Just did it without making any plans, ahahahaha :p

And where did I land to?

Aww.. do you really need to ask thatt?

Of coursee.. I landed.. eerrmm.. nowhere!! Ahahaha :p

So the next logical step is..

Start making plans and stick to it, right?!

But well.. I haven’t done it yet, hehehe.. kinda lost interest in it, huhuhu 😦


Situation 2 : The Mind & The Heart

I’d been pretty much controlled by my mind and forgot to let my heart do the job.

I was kinda numb in this period, ahahaha.. since my mind thought that “feeling” was a total waste of time and energyy :p

Which in a way, my mind is right *grin*

I felt like a robot, huehehe.. up to the point where my heart finally released from its cage and took over myself without hearing any warnings of my mind.

My heart absorbed all kind of emotions around me without any filter that left me pretty much down for not being able to control how I felt, ahahaha..

And either way isn’t the right way to live life, at least not for me.

I need balance in my life.

I can’t totally trust my mind and neither can I trust my heart completely.

Because my mind will make me disconnect with my feelings while my heart might mislead me to the wrong direction of my destination.

I need both sides to lead me to the right direction in my life’s path.

And I still haven’t find a way to balance it down :p


I’ve been thinking about this latelyy..

Maybe this is my “way” of life 😀

I need to experience that very right and that very left before I can finally decide that I like it much better being in the middle.

Cause if I only know one wayy..

How would I ever find out that it’s the best way for me?

For I have no other options at all, right?

I do have some other questions in my life.. but right now I’ve decided not to go that distance for I haven’t had any firm foundations yet so I might get lost in my searching for whatever things I want to know.

And I don’t dare to take that risks yet for once I go that means there’s no way back for whatever things I might find surely will change the way I see things in life.

And once you know.. you can’t pretend that you don’t know, right?

Well.. at least you can’t lie to yourself, ahahaha :p

Now my heart is only half-functioning..

I need to be patient to wait for it to reach its full circle before I start combining it with my mind.

I don’t know whyy..

But somehow I know..

Whatever things I’ve been looking for all these times are still waiting for me to reach my balance level before they let me to embrace them 😀

Hopefullyy.. hopefully it’s true, ahahahaha..

And the only way to find it is by balancing myself and see what awaits for me there 😉

Ayy aayy..

So much things to doo..

I hope I have enough time before reaching the end of my journey here on Earth.

Please give me more time, God 🙂

Happyy Sundayy to you all ^o^