come and smilee with mee :p

So here’s the thing.

This morning I looked at my drawing collection in a plastic folder and there I found a small book, the one I called as “Indah’s Creativity Book” (looks like I was feeling creative at that time, hihihi :p).

I have this kind of habit to write down the date after I finished my drawing and it’s kinda surprised me to know that in that “Creativity Book” were my drawings from back then in 2001!


I never have thought that I lovee drawing that much!

I mean I always know that writing has been some kind of self-therapy for me since I’m having this hard time to talk about my feelings, but too keep all those emotions inside is too unbearable for me to handle, that is whyy I need a way out for my emotions and I release them out through my writings, huehehehe :p

But I never never realize that maybee.. drawings have been some kind of emotional release for me, too..

I looked at my collections and I found soo many happy faces in my drawings.

Don’t ask me whether I was actually that happy by the time I drew them or was I drawing those smiling faces to make me feel better, ahahaha..

I don’t know, maaann!!

I don’t remember :p

The drawing in that book started on September 21, 2001 and ended on October 18, 2001 and within that length of time I probably had drawn more than a hundred happy faces, hihihii..

It’s in small sizes anywayy so wouldn’t take long to draw them :p

But it’s kinda funny to see my past collections of drawing for my style has been changed from time to time.

I might never be able to draw those things again, huhuhu..

Well.. analyzing my drawing, I probably a much simpler person back then, hihihi..

Now I’m more complicated and sometimes it shows in what I draw :p

Okee dokee.. I gotta back to my drawing now..

I see you when I see youu..