I sometimes do wish I had a more extrovert personality so that I can make friends easier with someone new, huehehehe..

Cause having that many friends seem fun :p

But knowing me..

Well.. I guess I can’t keep up with that much friends either.

For I want to connect with each of them in a more personal way.

I want to know more about them, what are they like, what things we do have in common, about their favourites, etc etc.

And I know I’ll be exhausted if I have to do that with soo many friends cause sometimes being with other people for too long can really drain my energies faster, especially when I have to deal with the annoying types, huahahaha :p

*I’m thaaatt introvert, babee.. ahahaha :D*

But still.. having more friends is always always so tempting for me for sometimes my current friends are soo busy with their lifes, huhuhu.. I feel all alone and ehemm.. kinda lonelyy, hihihii :p

Anywayy.. there’s this thing that I got from an online site about personality.

It says :

you dislike social niceties and consider them to be hindrances to real communication.

Aaihhh.. it’s soo mee.. ahahahaha..

That is why I left chatroom looooooong ago, coz I’m so bored having to answer that “age/sex/location” each time I chat with someone new.

I meaaann.. hellooo.. does my age or sex or location really matter that much?

Besidess.. ain’t my nick says it all?

Back then I used “vi_girl22” as my nickname.

(Funnilyy is.. many of them always ask, “Does that vi stand for virgin?” Wakakakakak :p)

I meann.. didn’t that nick imply that I’m a girl, and that 22 might be either my age or my birthdate?

That 22 couldn’t be my birth year, right, for if so I was no longer a girl, wakakakak :p

Soo.. instead of keep asking about that “a/s/l”..

Why don’t we just talk?

Huhuhu.. am I being impolite here?

Like here in FB..

I like commenting here and there without having a proper “hello”, wakakakakak..

I mean, if I want to know that person’s personal information, well.. I can just look at their personal info page, right?

If they don’t write down any information there, they probably think that strangers don’t need to know about that.

Oh well.. I seldom look at info page either (except for some people that I’m curious about ;p) for I’d rather comment on their status or their updated posts, the ones that catch my attentions.

Their personal informations don’t matter to me that much for I’d rather sharing thoughts and opinions with them.

It’s like going fishing in Pet Society.

You throw the bait and see.. what kind of reactions will you get from those fishes..

And sometimes surprisingly you’ll get nice responses šŸ˜‰

I learn something more through the applications here on FB.

Sometimes I get bored sending applications to the same people over and over again, hehehe.. it feels like an obligation and in time feels like a burden so to refresh things up, I sometimes send it to random people, some application allows us to do so, like Growing Gifts.

And when I’m in the mood to, sometimes I also leave a message for them, just to wish them a happy wonderful day.

And sometimes that “small talk” can lead to sharing stories about a bit of our personal lifes, huahahahaha..

I realized it now..

Everyone has some stories to tell..

Problem is sometimes there’s no one to listen :p

And how can we know each other better if you don’t want to open up yourself a bit, ehh?

Sometimes strangers only mean they are friends who are waiting to be realized, ahahahaha šŸ˜€

Besidess.. we’re all strangers at first, right? :p

Back to the “a/s/l” thing..

So what if they are much younger than me? They can be much more mature than mee anywayy and their thoughts might have been deeper than mine, too.. I can learn from them.

And if they are much older.. greaaatt.. I can learn from their wisdoms cause they must have had much more life’s experiences than mee šŸ˜€

And about locations..

So what if they live so very far away from me? Even if we live in the same city doesn’t mean that we’ll meet in person either, right?

Everyone has precious thoughts and it’s always nice to know someone’s perspectives for they might make you see something you’ve always missed seeing all these times.

And about the “gender” part only matters if you’re looking for partners anywayy, right?

Besides here in “virtual” world, you can never tell whether they’re lying or not about their “genders”.

I mean someone that you think is a man here in virtual world.. who knows, the person who’s actually sitting in front of the monitor on the other end could be a girl, right?

And vice versa.

But it doesn’t matter that much if you’re not looking for a partner.

For I still think.. read them well.. whether they’re lying or not about their genders.. what they write is their thoughts anywayy..

We can never think as anyone else.

Even if we try to position ourselves in others’ position.. it’s still our thoughts anywayy :p


For those of you who’s still around to share your thoughts and stories with mee.. thank youu ^o^

And since “nice” isn’t my middle name, sorry if at times my comments might not be nice to you, ahahahaa :p

*no wonder I don’t have much friends, huhuhu*

Ayy ayy.. let’s stick to the positive side anywayy šŸ˜€

Okee dokee.. I see you when I see youu (and it probably won’t take long, ahahaha :p)