Have you ever wondered about people who you feel close to?

What makes you feel close to them?

What things do you have in common?

And why them and not the others?

Have you ever heard about the “laws of attractions”, the one that’s kinda popular related to the popular book, “The Secret”?

I’ve never read that one though, hehehe..

But somehow somehow..

Since I like making conclusions without gathering any info..

I feel like this..

Our soul is sending vibes to this world and those vibes in the same frequency might have been attracted to each other when they’re finding the same souls like their own.

Guess in a wayy.. our souls are more honest, they skip the outer appearance and just seek the inner soul which lies underneath.

That is whyy..

I don’t believe in random anymore.

It might feel random at times.

But it’s actually not.

We must have something in common, something that connects us better than we connect with anyone else.

Might take time to find out the similarities for what we have in common isn’t about what our eyes see.

I have just found out about what I had in common with my school friends loooooooong after I first knew them, ahahaha.. I guess it was the way we were raised that brought us together as friends :p

I’ve been thinking whether “searching for soul companions” is what I’ve been looking for lately?

Cause you know..

Sometimes I guess it’s true.

You’ll get what you’re searching for.

If you’re looking for answers.. you’ll find them one way or another.

But sometimes you must interpret the signs yourself.

Sometimes sometimes I do wish that the signs for me are put in the billboard with special message like this : Heyy, Indah, this is the message for you for todayy!!

That surely will catch my attention, eh, especially when the signs are in bright colours, ahahaha ;p

But since it’s not..

I guess I will have to keep my eyes, and especially my heart, in constant awareness so I won’t miss any signs out there that are meant to be for me, ahahaha..

Okayy.. I’m gonna have to stop now..

I actually don’t know what I’m talking about anyway :p


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