Ohh myy..

Why couldn’t you see that tears were falling down her eyes?

I know I know that it might make you feel uneasy to deal with your emotions.

You might as well feel helpless for not being able to wipe those tears away.

But it’s not about you anymore, it’s about her.

Why couldn’t you, for once in your life, just be a comfort for her.

Let her cry in your arms.

Let her know that whatever things she was feeling at the moment, she would always have you to be by her side.

Why couldn’t you just let her have her tears?!

But instead.. you told her to go to sleep.

I know I know.. sometimes sleep is the better way to ease the pains.

For another day might make you feel different in seeing your problems.

I know that as well.

But I also know..

That when someone finally lose her guards and can’t stop those tears, something might really break her down.

I know it oh so well, for.. I’m like her.

I always keep things for myself.

I don’t want to bother anyone with my problems.

Doesn’t mean that I don’t have any though :p

Heyy.. I’m still human (and not aliens) and I’m still living on the same planet as youu.

We will always have problems as long we’re still living in this world.

Want to be trouble-free?

Go to the other side :p

I keep my tears for myself.

So I know when I finally broke my tears in front of others, that was when I just couldn’t hold those emotions inside anymore.

People tend to forget that we’re no rocks.

No matter how much strong you potray yourself to be.

No matter how seemingly emotionless you are in others’ eyes.

We’re not rocks.

Some might say that our hearts are made of stone.

But guess what..

It’s not!!

Yes.. it’s not.

Your heart might still bleed from time to time even when you feel like you’re in numb mode.

For actually our hearts are fragile, so handle it with care, ahahaha :p

I guess I guess..

What helps me much all these times is because I can be a comfort for myself.

I know how to handle myself.

I know what things I should have listened.

I always keep myself in this “straight” lines.

Whenever I’m feeling down, I cheer myself up to get back to that straight line again.

And whenever I’m happy and my head is above the clouds, a part of me always holding my feet and try to keep them touch the grounds.

I know I know that this part of me might be the one who prevent me from feeling the greatest joy that life offers.

But it’s also the one who saves me from feeling the greatest pain.

But even with this “balancing” part in me..

I sometimes just can’t hold my emotions.

They are drowning me to the lowest level possible.

It is soo unbearable for me to handle any longer.

And that was when I finally broke my tears in front of others.

And your response is only “go to sleep”?


And all these times I thought I was the insensitive one!!

Luckily I didn’t broke my tears in front of you :p

Luckily I broke my tears in front of someone who just held me tight in her arms.

Not saying anything.

Just holding me and let me cried my heart out.

I didn’t tell her anything for I still didn’t want to bother her with my problems.

But it was enough for me.

It was enough to clear my minds away.

It was enough for me to survive for another day.

To know that someone actually cared.

To know that you have someone you can hold on to whenever you feel down.

To know that you have that someone who’s willing to be your shoulder to cry on.

To know that you have someone that won’t take your feelings for granted.

And that my friends.. is my wish for you, too!

May you have that kind of someone in your life.

For although I like being alone most of the times.

Sometimes just can’t help being lonelyy..

And those loneliness sometimes feels too much that might make your mind wander away and let the negative thoughts start creeping in and without you realizing.. they slowly bring your down graduallyy..

If you still don’t have that kind of someone yet, don’t give up your hopes.

There are plenty millions people out there.

Let your soul do the search.

And I hope I hope..

You’ll find one soon.

Before it’s too late!!

Have a lovely Thursdayy ^o^


(Nb. Why do I still feel like I don’t know what I’m talking about? Ahahaha :p My head speak much more things that my fingers could handle to type :p)