.. but judge it from its author!!

Ahahahaha.. kidding :p

I gotta say that I was the type of person who used to judge a book by its cover, literally, hihihi.. cause I’m too lazy to read the summary at the back :p

So I trusted my eyes on the cover designs before I decided to buy those books, ahahaha..

*and oohh.. I gotta sayy that discounted books also make me kinda lose my self-control, wakakakakak*

Well.. some of them are as nice as their covers.. while soo many others are quite disappointing :p

Apart from the covers.. sometimes the authors’ names are a guarantee for me to buy the books without any hesitation for I have read his/her book before and I like what they write there.

I used to just absorb any content of the books without doing too much thinking.

Just enjoy reading ’em.. enjoy.. enjoy..

Until I don’t know..

I guess I’ve come to a point where I started to ask about anything anyway, ahahaha ;p

At least these books won’t be bothered if I confronted what they’re offering to me anywayy..

For sometimes well..

I guess people around me are feeling kinda annoyed by my questions somehow, ahahaha :p

Don’t think too much about the unnecessary!!

I often heard someone said that to me.

(well.. what might be unnecessary for you might be something important for me anyway, right?)

Haiyaa.. what can I sayy?

Just can’t help it.. can’t help it..

For I do like questioning about things.

Sometimes I do want to find out the answers to my questions.

But sometimes it’s just for the “joy” of questioning itself.

This is when I think..

I need to learn reading a book and “judge” it based on its content and its content only.

I mean..

I don’t have to agree on whatever things in the content just because my favourite author is the one who writes it.

I don’t have to agree on the content just because that book is recommended by church.

I don’t have to agree on the content just because it’s a best-seller book.

Shortly to sayy..

I don’t have to agree on anything just because something, ahahaha :p

Well.. I come to realize that we all have our own value systems.

Our value systems about what’s right and wrong.

And our value systems can’t be totally the same with others for I guess our value systems are based on our life’s experiences.

And we can’t all have totally the same experiences as others’ lifes, right?

Similar? Perhaps.

But 100% the same?


Even when we’re put on the same situation, we might react differently!

And I do believe that in “judging” the content of a book, try to skip the “labels” that are put by the publishers.

“Labels” like religion, personal development, psychology, inspirational, motivational, etc.

Oh waitt.. I skip the fiction categories, ahahaha..

Another labels like adult novels, teenage novels or children books, etc.

And ohh oohh..

Also try to ignore any “degrees” that are following the author’s name.


Maybe it’s just me.

But I used to be easily accept any “concept” of the book I read, especially if the author has soo many educational degrees.

Somehow somehow..

At the back of my mind was like saying..

Heyy.. this person is much smarter than you! Look.. look.. s/he has soo many degrees! So you should pay attention on what s/he’s got to say in his/her books!!

But now..

I don’t care, ahahaha..

Like I said before.

We all have our value systems.

Just because they’re smarter than us, doesn’t mean that we should take their value systems as our own, right? :p

And I kinda avoid reading any religion books.. for somehow the “Christian” label itself kinda make me lose my guards in making a fair judgement on the content itself.

Usually in Christian books, there are some verses of The Holy Bible and I guess because of that “label” itself, sometimes we feel like we don’t need to check whether those kind of books quoted each verse rightly from The Holy Bible.

And even though all verses are quoted exactly the same as the one in Holy Bible..

We tend to forget that the rest of the content of that book is based on the author’s perspective, based on the way the author sees things and based on his/her own value systems.

I don’t want to accept things blindly just because of the “labels”.

I think it all comes down to this.

On our Judgement Day, we are only be responsible on whatever things we’re doing during our lifes.

What if what if..

All these times that we’re always following what others tell us to do but they lead us to the wrong way anywayy..

What if what if..

All these times we’re always believe in what those Christian authors say in those book they write and in time turned out that what they write ain’t the right ones to follow.

Would you stand before God and tell Him this..

Ooh, but God.. I’m following their leads. If they then took me to the wrong places, it should be their faults and not mine!!

Don’t you see how ridicilous it sounds?

At this point of my life, I want that if I ever going to the wrong places, it was because somehow my heart misled me.

And not because I’m so blindedly following other’s guidance obidiently without asking anything during the journey.

And aahh..

One more thing..

As for me personallyy..

I don’t think it’s that important to know about the authors’ personal lifes, whether they practice what they “preach” in their books or not.

For I always believe (but sometimes forget :p).. the content itself should be the one that we care about.

If there’s anything good that you can learn from the content, then keep it.


Just throw those books away, ahahaha :p

Oh waitt..

Don’t throw them away, better donate them to your local library.

For each of us might take different lessons on the same things, who knows there might be someone out there who can take any lessons from that “useless” books for us, ahahahaha..

And personallyy..

I think we can learn from anyone anywhere.. despite of their ages, races, religions, etc.

For each of has our own precious thoughts.. and each of us has experienced many things in our life’s journeys that made us learning a lesson somehow someway..

So back to the title of this post.

What should we be using to judge the book anywayy?

Well.. it’s up to youu..

For you don’t have to agree on what I say, ahahahaha :p

Agree? ^o^