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What is that?

Family is the unity that consist of husband and wife and in time children might be the additional of that little unison.

I think the roots of most of the problems in the world are based on family.

Family is the most important unit in the world.

If only each and every family in the world might produce happy kids.. then the world might be less miserable than it is now.

My friend once said that I put the blame too much on parents, ahahahaha ;p

I don’t mean to blame them anywayy but I do believe basically parents are the cause of their children’s problems.

How so?

Well.. let’s see..

They’re the one who “make” us.

It’s our father’s sperm and our mother’s ovum (ayy ayy.. I hate Biology so I might be wrong on this one, ahahaha ;p)

And it’s our mother who gives birth to us after we spent for about 9 months or so in her womb.

And tadaa.. by the time we finally say “hello” to the world..

They are the one we firstly saw, our father and mother.

(oh, myy.. Angelicious.. I’m gonna have to leave you for a while cause writing post and collection coins at the same time really makes me out of focus, wakakakakak :p **)

And during our first years in our life, our parents are the one who always be around us.

And be careful, parents.

You might say all the nice things one can hear.

But we do learn the most by what you do, instead of what you say.

And we, as children, have some kind of radars to sense your emotions.

We just absorb it all.


When we’re still that little.. since we haven’t face life’s problems.. the space in our brain is still kinda empty and available to store anything we see, we hear and we feel.

And sometimes we just can’t choose what we want to put in our mind and heart for it just happens naturally.

So you say you love me but you hit me?

What kind of messages do you want me to feel?

Love’s hurt?

You say you accept me the way I am but you always reject me?

Oh, I see.. you want me to feel that I’m never be good enough as a person for you, right?

I know I know..

(I mean I know it now as I grow older but how on Earth I’m supposed to know it back then when I’m still a child?!)

Life sometimes can be that much frustrated!

But you should hold yourself not to burst out your anger and frustration on me!!

You’re the adult here.. you should be able to control your emotions!

I’m only a child.

I only know the fun side of the world.

And I need to absorb all that for as long as I can to keep me going through the hardships of the world, one day when I get older.

Don’t take it away from me now.

I’m not ready yet.

How am I supposed to know that your frustration isn’t because of me but because of something else?

For you always yell at me.

For you always point out my faults without having any difficulties (at all!!) as if I’m no good.

And always forget to praise me on things I ever do right (and it’s not just one!!).


Is it wrong if then I took the blame on me?

You successfully make me feel like I’m the one who’s responsible for your unhappiness.

(I’m not! I’m not!! You’re the one who’s responsible!!)

And then the time comes for me to see another side of the world.

I meet other people for the first time.

Some of them are nice, real nice, I love them!

But as for some others..


They make me cry.

I run to you to look for comfort but you push me away.

And it happens not just one time but repeatedly.

So I learn a lesson now : no need to come to you whenever I have problems.

Thanks for the lesson!

I look for comforts out there.

Somehow I know what they’re offering is wrong, but just can’t help it.

For the things I feel inside me just too unbearable I can’t hold it anymore.

So I try what they offer me.

And it makes me forget all of my problems.. for a while, but even “a while” is much more than enough than having to think all of them all the time!

But then.. somehow you find out about my so-called addiction.

And you get mad at me without wanting to listen to my side of story.

Without even want to reflect that probably you’re the one who puts me into this kind of situation.

You say that I’m a bad child.

I want to cry cause I’m not a bad child, I’m not, really I’m not.. so please stop calling me that..

But I can’t cry anymore for I’m so used with those words you say that makes me numb.

And oh ohh.. why are you so critical about my looks?

This is the face that God has given me, I can’t change that (oh, actually I can if only I have money to have that plastic surgery!).

Why is it that looks matter so much to you?

Why can’t you teach me about that inner thing, you know.. inner beauty thingy?

Why can’t you just once tell me that I’m beautiful so that I won’t have to look for that words in the wrong arms of men?

(oh, please, if I may ask, don’t just tell me once for I might forget, tell me once in a while until I finally believe it myself then I shall be okay!)

And please please PLEASE..

Don’t just be a “saint” in front of others.

I want to see that kind of face, too, when you’re home.

And oohh.. oohh.. please only say things that you mean.

Don’t just blurt it all out and hurt me but then you tell me you didn’t mean it for my heart is already bleeding and I don’t know how to stop the pains.

I know it now that you’re also the products of your parents.

Your parents (that mean my Grandmother and Grandfather) make you be the kind of parents you are now to me.

Can’t you see how history does repeat itself?

For it’s always MUCH EASIER to play a role as a victim instead of making the chance needed in order NOT to make the same kind of story again!!

Do you know what does FAMILY stand for?

FAMILY = FAther Mother I Love You!!

I do!!

(but reallyy.. sometimes you two are the ones who drive me NUTS, ahahaha ;p)


Well.. some part of the above are from my own experiences, but which one which.. I’ll let you decide on your own ;p

I’m a part-time observer, and somehow maybee.. the “hurt” side of my inner child can connect to the others “hurt” inner childs as well.

From the way they tell their stories.. I somehow can sense their hurts..

All I can say is..

If you’re already a parent now..

Try to embrace your children right away.

Try to listen to them now, and ohh.. hold your tongues and thoughts for a while for I believe they already know much things about you already, you’re the one who don’t know much about your children anyway.

Make them feel that whatever troubles they’re having now, they now that they can count on you whenever they need any helps.

They know that you’ll always be there for them to give them your loves and supports.

It’s not about how often you say “I love you” to them.

But it’s more about how you make them feel your loves.

They are so many children out there who are still on the run without having a place to stop.

Why don’t you, parents.. make your home as a place for them to come home to.

A place where they can finally have some place to breathe.

Instead of making your family a living hell for your children.

Why don’t you make it a heaven on Earth?

I remember one episode in Oprah, about Seal & Heidi Klum.

Seal said that “happy wife, happy family!”

Ahahaha.. maybe he’s right.

Cause women sometimes too absorb with their emotions and just can’t handle them well :p

Soo.. husbandss.. it’s your job to make your wives be a happy one!!

For your happy wife will make your family a happy one and your children will be a happy ones, too!

And in time.. this world can be a happy place, too.

Doesn’t mean that there won’t be any heartbreaking events anymore.

But heyy..

Even through all the pains and sorrow..

We can still be a happy person, right?

For sometimes..

Happiness is a choice.

Soo.. what’s your decision? 😉

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Oohh geezz.. this really take me a long time to finish!! :p