Sometimes I wonder how the life goes.

Cause life at times feels like playing games on me.

Just when I’m expecting something so much.

All I ever get is only disappointments.

So I try to let go..

And life gives me another turn.

For it gives me an unexpected surprise, a nice one, thankfully.


I don’t know how I should feel anymore, ahahaha.

Heyy.. my heart, will you do me a favour by making a loud shout out?

Cause I need to hear what you say! :p

I feel like by continuing in this direction will only bring me tears in the end.

But then again..

Somehow I also feel like it’s the only way to learn the lesson I need to learn since long ago!


Shall we continue this way, my heart and my mind? 😉

I promise I’ll take a very good care of you when one day you crash down.