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I love humans.. I do, ahahaha..

Even though sometimes they can be such a pain but oftentimes they give us pleasant surprises from time to time.

And I guess it’s true..

We never really get to know someone whollyy, ahahaha..

For even with ourselves we don’t know 100%, right?

There’s always always a part in us that we don’t know (yet).. although at times the “unknown” side might be revealed a little but there are still so much more that need to be learned and felt for us to get in touch with.

And that perhaps the exciting parts in dealing with other people.

Cause at first you don’t know them at all.

They are like blank pages to you.

But as you get to know them personallyy..

Suddenly they are not as blank as before anymore.. for little by little you find another colours, another faces, another sides in them.

Every little thing about them that shaped them into an image in your head about the person you’re dealing with.

And I just had an exciting chat with one person who I had known for loooongg but all these times I just missed seeing this side in her, ahahaha :p

I want you to meet..

Madame Satine Lucroix ^o^


What a name, ehh?

I have used “Satine” (not her real name, of course :p) for sometimes but as for the “Madame Lucroix”, I just gave her that name because I just found out about her special ability 😀

Are you interested in occults?

According to dictionary, “occult” = hidden, secret, only for those with special knowledge ; supernatural, magical

I gotta say I’m kinda interested in those kind of things, ahahaha :p

I know.. I knoww.. it’s against my religion that is whyy I try my best to avoid it..

Applications like “Anita Online”, “God’s messages” (even it’s using the word “God”.. well, I think we should be careful in it anyway, ahahaha ;p), and daily horoscopes, etc, made me interested in them ^o^

And maann..

Today I just found out that this “Madame Satine Lucroix” has that kind of abilityy..

It’s not the first time she “guessed” me right :p

If only one time, I could just say that it was just a lucky guess..

But now..

I’ve lost the desire to make any counts anymore for she seemed to have that “lucky” guess each time, ahahaha :p

It was like having a personal psychic, hihihi..

I asked her things on our chats..

Well.. some of them I already know the answer myself but I guess I just need some reassurances, wakakakakak :p


Is this part of her answers..

“You want a job with no timeline because you’re moody. You need something that you can enjoy while you’re doing it, and not because someone force you to do that cause you’re the type of person that doesn’t like to be pushed or attached to things.”



How very true is that, ehh?!

I hate deadlines.

If some people can perform their best when they’re reaching deadlines.. I’m stucked.. ahahaha.. no matter how hard my mind screams for me to do things.. the other part of my body just seemed couldn’t coordinate well :p

And it’s true..

I don’t like being tied down or being forced to do something.

I want to do something because I like doing it.

And once it becomes an obligation.. I kinda lose my interest in doing so.

It’s no fun anymore to do things just because you have to, not because you want to, don’t you think? ;p


Just maybe.. I have this free spirits within me.

But I always tried to push them down.

Cause sometimes what I want ain’t always the same with what the others want from me, huahahaha :p

And that free spirits somehow demanded a change to be released now :p

Ohh geezz.. my free spirits?

I can unleash youu.. but at least you should tell me what to do for me not to get lost :p

Ayy ayy..

Can’t wait for another chat session with Madame Satine Lucroix ^o^

(oohh boyy.. I know I should’ve stopped.. but once again, I think I’m gonna fall for this temptations, huahahaha ;p)

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*oohh.. geezz.. I’m really sloww in collecting my mind and put them into words, ahahaha ;p*