Ahahaha.. another old post from my blog :p

Looks like I’ve talked too much in my writings that I couldn’t even remember what I’ve been talking about all these times, ahahaha 😀

But I stumbled upon one posting that’s kinda related to my previous notes here.

It’s about.. children (again) :p

Well.. I guess something just never changed, ehh?

Originally this was posted on August 19, 2008.

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Hmm hmm kalimat berikut ini udh lumayan lama gua denger di Oprah, di episode tentang anak2 yg ortunya bercerai.

Yg ngomong adl psikolog terbaik dlm menangani anak2 ‘hasil’ perceraian. Hehehe.. Saya lupa nama Bapak, Pak, hihihi :p

Dia bilang gini :

When you’re talking bad things about your spouse in front of your children it’s like blaming their DNA!’

Woww wooww.. It’s so very true yaa..

Krn children itu khan having half DNA of their father and the other half is from their mother.

Eheemm.. Sptnya seeh gt, haha, gua mana ngerti soal DNA2-an, hahaha :p

Soo, parents of the world, please watch your mouth, especially when you’re having any arguments with your husband or wife ’cause usually when emotions take over, the harsh words will flow.

Just bite your tongue when it happens and try to hold it as long as you can before you take part in damaging your own children’s souls.

But you know what, D.. Sometimes I think children need to be updated with the real life situation their parents’ are in so that they won’t be living in any illusional life which is fake.

I believe that once in a while they need to see and hear their parents ‘open war’ so that they know that it’s okay having some arguments once in a while in a marriage.

That way, they will have a more realistic perspective of what marriage life would be.

Unlike me who has been so fed up with Cinderella syndrome, with the famous tag : ‘And they live happily ever after!’

By saying ‘happily’, what stick in my head means that there will be no fightings and arguments at all. Which by the way when you live in a real world that’s almost impossible, right?

Two heads with two different minds might come to a clash once in a while and that’s perfectly normal as long as both side can handle it wisely and just stick to the main issue and exchanging their thoughts.

I always have these thoughts in mind that when you love someone that much then all you need and want to do is to make sure that the person you love is in a happy state.

And I still don’t understand how you can hurt the one you said you loved.

That is why I still don’t have a harmony between my head and my heart. I mean sometimes my head can make any logical explanations but my heart just can’t (and doesn’t want to) absorb it.

Having watched so many Oprah’s episodes, I learned that ‘hurt’ people would hurt persons in their lifes. Sometimes it’s not because they want to do so but they just don’t know how to do another thing besides hurting.

That is whyy.. Marriage is not my main priority right now. At this stage of my life I know that if I get married, I would most probably end up in a divorce.

I guess I need to buy a new slide of my version of a perfect marriage to be put in my head and my heart ’cause the old one has been broken into pieces and I just can’t seem to put the pieces back in their right places.

Marriage.. Is there such thing called a happy marriage in this world?

With no cheating? No swearing? No emotional abuse?

Can two people live in one blended harmony in peace? With lots of love? Willing to take each others for who they trully are?

Husbands and wifes of the world.. Please be a loyal loving partner of your spouse! Give them your support, take a good care of them and never hurt their feelings.

Don’t put the blame on your spouse when you’re having problems with your ownself. Make peace with yourself and fix what was once went wrong!

You have made your decision to choose the other half as your husband or wife, the road ahead might be bumpy ones but remember all those wonderful feelings you had that made you chose her or him to be your partner of life.

Keep the love alive and work on your communication skills and have a loooong patience when dealing with your loved ones.

Okayy.. As always, I’m out of topic again :p

Good luck and I see you again some other time! Ciaoo..


Oohh.. mann.. I miss Oprah!! It has been a while since the last time I watched that show!

Is Oprah still on Metro TV? Anyone knows the schedule?