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Have I told you how I love quotes?

Those wonderful messages hold special place in my heart.

In my down moments.. sometimes remembering those words could strengthen me in a way.

When there seems no way to go on.. those words somehow makes me believe that I’m gonna find my way out, too, from this so-called situation :p

I have this kind of “habit” in sending those inspiring words via text messages.

Sometimes I get those messages from my friends, sometimes from the quotes I collected.

It has been a while since the last time I sent those forwarded message again, huehehehe..

Feels kinda lazy to do so :p

Besides.. sometimes I feel like my forwarded message might only annoy the people who receive them and will only make their inbox full, ahahaha..

But since yesterdayy.. don’t know whyy.. I started sending them again cause I had some inspiring words from my friend that I wanted to share.

Here are the text messages :

“In life.. when you get into trouble, don’t get nervous.. just close your eyes and follow your heart.. because your heart maybe on the left.. but it is always right.”

Another one is :

“Many things about tomorrow I don’t seem to understand.. But I know God holds tomorrow. He holds my hand and I’m sure He’s holding yours, too.”

I got two responses from my friends.

They both said that my “messages” came at the right time.

I don’t know what things they’re struggling right now.

I can only hope things will come out alright in the end for them.

But their responses.. somehow.. give me this sense of feelings..

That maybe..

All I’ve been doing these times wasn’t at all useless (just can’t help feeling that way sometimes :p).

For someday.. someway.. somehow..

Those encouraging words I sent might find a place in one’s heart and those words can finally be of what their use.. to encourage that heart to go on no matter how hopeless the situation might seem.

Those words have come to me many times in my down moments.

So I think my only job now is to pass them on again to continue their ways on the search for another hearts who might need them 🙂

So.. friendss.. get readyy to get my forwarded messages again, huahahahaha ^o^

*kayanya perlu ngisi pulsa lagee neehh :p*

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