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What’s your life theme for 2009?

Started in 2007, I could make a theme for my life, ahahaha..

My life’s theme in 2007 : The Year of Fighting(s).

My life’s theme in 2008 : My First-Time(s) Year.

And I guess here in 2009..

My life’s theme is : Questioning The Faith Year.

Huahahaha.. isn’t it interesting what life brings me and how it makes some turns in my life :p

The theme that I chose was based on the things I’ve been going through during the year.

I’m gonna post about this more next time..

When I’m in the mood to write, ahahaha..

Feels like writing but don’t know what to writee..

So better get back to my drawing :p

What’s your life’s theme in 2009? 😉

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