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Do you believe in signs?

Signs that we can find anytime and anywhere just as long as we keep our eyes opened and let our mind do the riddle to make the right conclusions of the signs we see along the wayof our journeys in life 😀


I don’t know..

I saw signs everywhere, huahahaha..

Looks like I’ve been guided to see things related to my heart.

But I still have no idea whether all these signs tell me to stop looking for more evidences and just deal with whatever feelings I have right now..


That I need to look for more signs to make the hurts go even deeper to make my heart working in normal function again :p

Cause as you know.. heartache might give you a very rich sense of feelings, hihihi..


It’s all come back to the decision I should make.

And I’ve decided..

I’m gonna give it a go a little further in this hurtful journey and hold myself tight not to break into pieces and hopefully I know right in time when I’ve reached my limit before I fall apart :p

*wish me luck!*


Let’s talk about another signs I’ve seen latelyy..

I love blogging and I love blogwalking.

But lately I rarelyy do the blogwalking thing because well..

I’ve spent too much time here on FB, huahahaha :p

But last night..

I did some blogwalkings to the blogs I used to read regularly.

And since I don’t believe in random anymore..

There must be some reasons behind of why I stumbled into some blogs that so very much related to what I felt lately.


Apperantlyy.. there are soo many mood swingers out there :p

And I don’t know..

Maybe that’s one of the thing I have in common with some blogs that I’m quite attached with cause the person behind the writings is a mood swinger like me, too, hihihi :p

Lalaa asked me whether knowing this kind of “fact” about mood swingers would make us feel that we weren’t alone or that we should change it?


I think it’s both 🙂

I mean..

Since it’s hard (at least for me it’s haaaaarrrdd) to tame my moodiness and always keep it to the up level so it’s nice to know that I’m not alone in this battle of moodiness, hihihi :p

But at the same time..

I feel like I should tone down my mood swinger thingyy..

Cause sometimes it feels too much..

Too much that this mood might destroy me when it takes me to hit the rockbottom, huhuhu..


Maybe it’s like that “anonymous” thingy they have out there.

You know, things like “Alcohol Anonymous”, etc..

Aahh.. maybe we should make our own “Mood Swinger Anonymous” here in the virtual world, hihihi..

Not to spoil our moodiness..

But maybe we can share tips to take control of our emotions when the mood swinger bounce us to the lowest level possible 😀

Chocolates might help, hihihi.. or ice cream ;q

Aahh.. I think I should get back to do some blogwalkings even more.

Cause lately I tend to forget..

How reading someone’s stories might help me in a way.

To make me feel that I’m not alone.

Cause in a way we have some similarites and we face the same kind of problems, things that I might not find here in this “real” world.

And sometimes..

It helps A LOT to know that you’re not alone in this journey of your life, although we might not know them in persons, we might not know exactly what they’re dealing with right now..

But doesn’t really matter anywayy..

For that gives me the sense of feelings.. to go on..

That someone somewhere out there feels the same.

And might understand what I feel.

And that means so much..

For sometimes we might feel that no one understands.

That we’re too preoccupied with our own problems.

And that we might think too much of the unnecessary things (unnecessary for them! not for us!!).

I still think that loneliness is more killing than any other diseases in this world.

For it can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere!

No matter how in the very good shape of health they are.

No matter how gorgeous their looks.

Loneliness can creep in and suck us alive, uugghh..

So, if you feel like no one understands you right now.

Just continue your search on your soul companions.

There must be someone somewhere out there in this world.

That might understand you.

Cause sometimes..

We just can’t hold ourselves for too long without any help.

Keep looking for any signs.

Go see beyond the outer packages to see the “real” values inside of a person.

Let’s not always be deceived what our eyes see.

Time to use our hearts and sharpen our radars to recognize the souls within.

Happy Sundayy to you all and may you have a beautiful dayy ^o^

*still miss rains*

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