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Who said that blogwalking was such a waste of time?

Whoever said it.. well.. they’re wrong!!

At least blogwalking isn’t a waste of time for me, huahahahaha :p

For I’ve found another great post here :

Have you ever given up doing things that you actually love, just because someone said that you weren’t good enough in what you were doing?

If so, then I suggested you to read the above post, it’s in Indonesian, hehehe πŸ˜€

Well.. answering my own above question.. I guess I have, most of the times, ahahahaa..

But because I lovee those things so much, I keep coming back doing them from time to time :p

For as far as I could still remember, I always love writing, since Elementary School.

But my kind of writing is writing letters, not fictions or poetries, etc.

But in time.. since this kind of writing needs another sparring partner.. and the one I sent letters to seemed didn’t like writing that much so I stopped doing it.

I mean.. as much as I love writing itself.. I needed feedbacks, huahahaha :p

But then..

I knew blog from Riaa..

Ayy ayy.. this is the right media for mee, huahahahaa πŸ˜€

I can still write in letter sytle and who knows.. someone out there might answer my “letter”, hihihi :p

As for drawings.. mm..

I don’t know much about this one.

Can’t remember whether I’ve liked it since I was a kid or not.

But the trigger I rememembered was when I was in high school.

That was when my love of drawings began to grow.

And it came back again in my University year, huahahaha.. for I guess I was soo bored with my study and that awaken my passion to draw, ahahahaa :p

And then.. I stopped again cause I felt like I was no good.

But now..

I’m back again, huahahaha..

I just want to do things for the love of what I do itself.

To feel the joy in doing it.

If that somewhat can make other people happy.. that’s great.

If’s not.. I still have me who’s happy of what I do, ahahaha πŸ˜€

How about you?

What do you love doing?

Share with mee πŸ˜‰

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