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Gaming can be a good way to get to know yourself better.

I learned more about myself from the games I played :p

Hmm.. let’s see..

From Chuzzle Deluxe : I’m soo not good with deadline, it freaks me out instead of arising the best part in me, ahahaha :p

That is why I never like games with timer, ahahaha..

From The SIMS : I’m soo not good in decorating houses, hihi.. and I don’t think I’m into interior design that much.

And recent game of course : PET SOCIETY!

Huahahaha :p

I learned so much from this game about myself.

You see.. here in this game, there are things in “This Week’s Special” sections, mostly in each available store.

And since it’s “this week’s special” so you can be sure that next week those items won’t be available anymore in stores and will be replaces for another new items.

And because of that limited time of offering..


I have this tendency of buying mostly all those “this week’s special” items (except the furnitures.. don’t really like redecorating my room ;p), especially the ones at the clothes store.

Whether I like the items or not, it’s out of questions, huahahaha :p

And I kept doing it up to the point where I felt sick.

I felt like I’ve been enslaved by my pet, Angelicious, huahahahaha..

And somehow I feel that the way we play games reflected our innerself, and ouucchh..

Maybe it’s truee..

I’ve been following the crowds for too long and have no time to ask myself..

“Is this really what I want?”

Somehow I believe..

We don’t need much things as a person.

Sure we need clothes to cover our body.

But then again..

Do we really need THAT much that we feel like we need to buy some each month after we get our paycheck?

Clothes aren’t my thing.

Mine is books, ahahaha..

And I always lose my self-control whenever a local bookstore give 30% discounts for all items, except for electronics :p

The problem is with me..

My speed of buying those books are muuuuccchh faster than my desire to read them :p

I have soo many books that are still in plastics, untouchable for years.

So now..

I’ve decided that I’ll try to control myself not to buy any books if I haven’t read any of my collections that are still new.

And as for Angelicious..

If you paid any attentions..

She has been naked for the past couple of weeks, ahahahaha..

That’s my way of protesting myself and kinda a reminder not to be enslaved by my desire on new things each week :p

Until I can tame my own desires..

Well.. guess that Angelicious will stay naked, wakakakakak..


Isn’t it interesting how a game can make you learn more about yourself? 😉


As game lovers..

What do the games you play tell about you? ^o^

Tell me.. I’d like to hear, hihihi 😀

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