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I sometimes just can’t understand why do you have to be a dream killer.

If you can’t dream of anything in your entire life, then just be it..

But there’s no need to put away someone’s flame of dreams.

If you’re so satisfied with your life now then it’s great!!

But still.. I think there’s no need to kill one’s dream.

For dreams sometimes are the ones which keep us alive when our so-called reality really sucks!

Dreams make us wait eagerly for a better tomorrow when today seems so bitter to live on.

Dreams sometimes enable us to see a glimpse of light in our so-called darkness.

And who are you.. I’m gonna ask one again..

Who are you to kill our reasons to live?!

If living without any dreams is fine by you then go ahead.. just continue living that way.

But you have no rights to kill anyone’s dreams!

So what if what they dream of sounds childish to you?

So what if what they dream of sounds like a waste of time to you?

So what if what they dream of sounds so unrealistic to you?

I’m gonna ask you once again..



Let them have it.

Even when they can’t make it come true and leave them only with heartbroken.

Let them be.

For every single thing that happens to us has a way to teach us things.

There’s always a lesson to learn in everything we experience in this life.

Let them have their tears when their dreams are shattered into pieces.

And let them have their joys in having those dreams itself.

Why is it so hard for you to just do that?

All you have to do is just shut your mouth!

Is it really that much to ask you to do that?

We don’t need you to support us, although it might be good if you do.

But being a silent non supporter is great enough for us.

For sometimes we as dreamers have that doubts within us, too, when from time to time we seem like not getting any closer to our dreams.

It stresses us out.

And sometimes we also feel like time is chasing us.

We’re not getting any younger but older and sometimes this oldness can really drain our energies and enthusiasm much faster than their speed when we are still young.

So no need to put more pressures on us, the dreamers, for we already have enough burdens on our own, thank you very much.

I’m really concern about you.

You keep pushing away the ones who truly care for you.

What are you looking for?

Why do you always set your eyes on another direction?

Why don’t you just take your time to stop for moment and just feel the loves you have here.. beside you?

And why is it always you who put tears in their eyes?

Hold them now before it’s too late.

For everyone has their own time limit of patience.

And all I can say is..

Their patience for you is running on a very thin thread now.

It might break anytime unless you start realizing the blessings you already have within your reach.

Again.. before it’s too late!!

One last thing..

Instead of being a dream killer for those around you..

Why don’t you start making a dream of your own to pursue?

It’s never too late.

No.. for as long as we’re still breathing here on Earth, there’s always time on our side.

And if I may suggest..

Try to make peace with yourself.

Cause only when you’ve made peace with yourself, that time you might start making peace with your surroundings.

Go and start now.

Your time is running out.

And I can only hope..

It won’t be too late for you!

May you have enough time to grab all those loved ones before they keep slipping further away from your reach.

One thing I always believe is..

God never sleeps.

He counts all our tears.

It might be so very heartbreaking now.

But in time He’ll turn all those tears into a most beautiful smile on our face.

A smile that won’t be easily faded away.

A smile that can brighten up the darkest sky.

A smile that comes from a truly greatful heart.

So just do your best and wait for that day to come.

For He never sleeps.

And He will make everything’s beautiful in His time, not ours.

This is a message from a dreamer to any dream killers out there..

May you have peace with yourself πŸ™‚

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