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One single word that seems so hard to get.

What is perfect anyway?

According to “Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of Current English” by AS Hornby (yes yes.. I’m now taking a dictionary to the office, wakakakakak, it’s time to stop bugging my friend anytime I have a difficulty in finding a proper word to write :p)..

*and why wouldn’t I just use online dictionary? hmm.. don’t know :p*

(malah dibahas, ahahaha)


Perfect = complete with everything needed ; without fault, excellent; exact, accurate..

Oh well.. go read it yourself in that dictionary, huahahaha..

*too lazy to :p*

The most common definition for this “perfect” word I guess is “without fault”.

So oftentimes we hear people sayy..

Nobody’s perfect!

Hmm.. is it?

I don’t know.

I feel like since humans are God’s masterpiece then we’re a complete perfect package, with both our strengths and weaknesses.

So it’s only natural if at times we do make faults and mistakes in our lifes.

Cause if we only have our strengths, we might not make any faults and without making any faults.. there’s no room to grow.. we’ll be a static person instead of a dynamic one :p

If we only have strengths then our heads might be above the clouds all the times.

It’s our weaknesses that keep our feet still touching the grounds.

And He surely has His own purpose in making us the way we are with our own flaws.

If all parts of our body are on the left or right side only then we might not be able to stand still.

And a baby can only be produced by the combination of a man and a woman, no matter how the world has become now.

Isn’t it wonderful that since the very beginning we firstly greeted this world, “balance” already became the main key for us to live in this world?

But sometimes we tend to forget it.

If we only use our brains without our hearts.. mm.. our brains might lead us to a further directions away from God.

For He isn’t something that can be seen.

He can’t be explained by our brains.

He’s just that.. abstracts.

It’s our hearts that leading us towards the directions in coming closer to Him.

We might not be able to see Him.

But from time to time we might feel His presence in our lifes.

We might not be able to touch Him.

But oftentimes we feel like He touches our hearts.

And I don’t believe someone is born to be an angelical or devilish person.

We all have both seeds in ourselves.

Whatever things happened in our lifes might have shaped us be a person who they classify as “bad” or “good” people.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way forever (for the bad ones, I mean, as for the already good ones.. why would you want to change anyway? :p).

Tame your own devilish side and work on your angelical side.

Might take time to develop but it’s not a mission impossible one!

And as for the goodie goodie one out there.


Have you realized that you also have that bad devilish seeds within you?

Don’t be too proud of yourselves and underestimates someone who you consider as “bad” people.

You don’t know what they have been going through in their lifes.

Chances are, with who you are now and you have to go through what they have been going through.. hmm.. you might end up become a worse person than that “bad” people, huahahahaha :p


Balance.. balance..

I don’t know since when “balance” has become an important thing in my life.

I still haven’t reached that “balance” level yet for so many times I still have to go back and forth from one side to another without having the control to consciously stay in the middle.

Apart from “peace and happiness”, I think my other quest in this life is about that “balance” šŸ™‚

Aaahh.. When I first started this topic, I actually would like to talk about something else, huahahaha..

But why do I end up with this one?


Okee dokee.. talk to you later.

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