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Just a piece of mind left from the previous blog’s link I’ve posted before.

Have you ever heard this quote :

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?


I guess it’s true.. especially related to arts, huahahaha..

There’s no “bad” things when we talk about arts, it’s all just a matter of taste and preferences.

One might say this thing is good but the other might be clueless and really have no idea what’s the good thing in the same picture they see.

It’s not a matter of right or wrong but it’s all.. well.. back again to “taste” itself :p

I lovee seeing beautiful pictures.

What I mean by “beautiful” is the one with bright cheerful and colourful objects within.

Those lively colours sometimes just grab my attentions faster than the gloomy ones, huehehehe..

I’m not saying that all gloomy pictures are bad to me, noo..

I love some of them.. but I prefer the ones with colours :p

And I’m having real difficulties in enjoying abstract pictures for some pictures are well.. that abstract that won’t leave any room for me to imagine things from what I see, ahahaha..

Happy faces always catch my attentions, too..

Love seeing them..

And I guess I’m more interested in cartoon style and things related to children, huahahaha.. kinda childish, I know.. but somehow just can’t ignore them for those pictures are soo free-spirited.

They can break all the rules and still look cute.

(Remember Sailor Moon with her ooohh-so-veryy BIG eyess but still looks gorgeous anywayy ^o^)

Those pictures sometimes have a mind of their own that not everyone might understand.

I just love it..

And talking about “beauty” itself, I remember about another quote that I love..

It says..

Everyone’s beautiful in their own special ways

And I totally agree with that one!

Suree.. some people are more eye-catching than the others.

We have been brainwashed by mass media about this “standards” of beauty anywayy, huahahaha :p

Do I sound cynical?

Well.. it’s your call to decide.

But I always love seeing beautiful people..

Who doesn’t anywayy..

They are like a living sculptures.

So beautiful to look at.

And seeing them.. doesn’t it make you sometimes wondering..

“Ooohh.. God, how can you make such a beautiful creature like that one!!”


I oftentimes say that in my heart when I’m astonished by someone’s beauty, hihihi..

But then again..

Let’s get back to our first quote..

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

I guess man itself is a work of arts, ahahahaha..

So I believe someone somewhere out there might see us as a beautiful person no matter how we look like.

And as God’s creation, I don’t think there’s any “product” which hasn’t passed the quality control yet before they were born to this world, ahahahaha..

And I think “beauty” itself has a larger scale of definition than “pretty”, well.. at least for me, ahahahaa :p

What makes someone “beautiful” ain’t just about how you look like..

There’s always an “X” factor in it.

I believe “beautiful” is more than just a pretty face.

It relates to something inside.

Something that might bloom even brighter within time, to the contrary of the outer beauty that might fade because of ages.

And having either one isn’t enough, I think, for we live in this visual world so we have to maintain both and can’t leave out one without another.


Balance is the key, huahahaha 😀

*don’t you just lovee balance? :p*

If you only work out on your outer, there might be time when you’ll regret after all the youths are gone and the “beauty” fades.. you have nothing left.

If you only work on your inner.. well.. it might last longer.. but it also takes time to be recognized by others.. if you’re that patience then go on 🙂

But as always..

We must believe it ourselves first that we are beautiful.. no matter what they sayy.. words can’t bring us down.

You can’t depend on anyone.

Be the one who first loves yourself and remain that way forever.

For at the end of the dayy..

It always feels nice to know that you’ll always have that someone who loves you for who you are, no matter how you look like..

And that someone..

Is yourself 😉

*doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t lessen your weaknesses, wakakakak :p*

Oohh myy.. as alwayss.. I don’t think my notes connect from the beginning to ending, ahahaha.. but that’s the wayy.. aha ahaa.. I like itt!! ^o^

Happy early Tuesdayy!!

(and again it’s true.. I’m easily distracted, huehehehe.. writing here and collecting coins plus reading one’s blog.. oohh myy.. why can’t I focus on one thing at one time?! *sigh*)

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