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Have you ever heard about this :

Be careful of what you wish for?


It’s true!!

Be careful of what you wish for!

For sometimes you do get what you wish.. but NOT in the way you want it to, wakakakakak :p

Take me for example 😉

Couple of days agoo..

I was soo fed up with my routinity at the office.

And I felt soo bored.

I wish oohh how I wish I could have some days off, awayy from the office.

And guess what..

God granted my wishes.

I did have a day off, away from the office.


I was sick, wakakakakakk :p

Thursday night.. got high fever..

This is a lesson for me since the very beginning of the year, a lesson I should’ve learned but I kept forgetting since I kept on tumbling down on the same thing over and over again.

Maybe this year is a year for me to handle my emotions better.

A year for me to mm.. I guess to be a little more expressive in voicing my emotions.

A year for me to take control in absorbing others’ emotions.

Cause I don’t know..

3 times a year with high fever more than 39 Celcius degrees.. hmm.. there must be something wrong, right?

And the triggers were always because I kept my emotions while I should’ve just let it pass through me and set it free.

I was angryy and sad at the same time.. but a part of me just wouldn’t let me to feel that wayy..

And the battle within began..

And my body just couldn’t handle it, huahahaha..

And there goes the high fever thingy :p

And this time.. well.. a little bit complicated with soo many other diseases as well, huahahahaha..

Let’s see..

Thursday night.. besides the high fever.. I also got this toothache and headache (although the headache might be because of my high fever).

And Fridayy.. well.. still got a little high fever and toothache, not much headache but this time with stomache, wakakakakak..

And as for Saturdayy..

My body’s temparature has dropped to 36 Celcius degrees but the stomache remains with less headache and less toothache.

Hmm.. great!

With these many diseases at a time, hopefully I won’t be sick again in near future :p

The good thing iss..

Because I had soo many other “aches”, my tootache this time didn’t really hurt that much, huahahaha..

But this got me thinking again..


Maybee all these times God did grant some of our wishes but because what He gave didn’t come as the same package as we asked Him.. oftentimes we missed His “blessings”.

And this reminds me again of the “lesson” I’ve got in late 2007.

Oohh myy.. I kept forgetting about that lesson :p

Maybe besides having to learn to control my emotion, this is one other lesson for me to learn, ehh? 😉


Happy Saturdayy ^o^

Oohh btw.. it rained hard last night, yihaa!!

Take care, friends 😉

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