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Couple of days ago, I was watching a TV show, nearly at the end of its show.

There was an old woman who was being hypnotized by the talent of the show.

Under that “spell”, she was singing a heartbreaking song about a man who left his wife for another woman.


I don’t know why but hearing her singing that song, I immediately jumped into conclusion that she might be singing the story of her life.

And somehow I guess I was right.

Right after the talent of the show released her from the hypnotize, she then said that she hated men but she didn’t want to talk about it any further, she only said that as for the moment, she only lived for her children only.


I felt sad when hearing her said that, I could sense her bitterness when saying those words and those looks in her face.

Wondering what that one specific man (this case I assumed it’s her husband or should I say, ex husband) had done to her that made her come to that state.


I guess I have this tendency on blaming women in terms of affairs.

I hate myself for thinking this way but just can’t help but feeling this way :p

Maybe because I know men are weak, especially when it comes to the temptation of women!

You know the famous sayings..

Men fall for women whileas women fall for money?!

Sadyly to say but reality speaks that way in general.


It’s a woman’s job to stay away from any unavailable men!

I still can’t understand whyy oohh whyy..

A woman have a heart to hurt another woman!

I know these days it’s soo hard to find one decent man to share the rest of your life with.


Do you think by taking away someone’s husband won’t make you be in the position of his ex-wife?

If that man could leave his wife for you.. how can you be sure there won’t be another woman who will take your place that will take him away from you, too?!

And I also know that it takes two to tango.

No matter how much a woman seduces a man, if that man doesn’t fall into that temptation then there will be no affair, right?

And I know that love might die within time.

But let them die first and finish whatever things and commitments they have before you come interfering their relationships.

And I especially can’t understand when the other woman is also the wife’s best friend!

Ohh myy goodiebag!!

I mean.. helloo?!

How could you do that?!

Even with strangers, I still can’t understand whyy..

But when you know for sure it’s your best friend’s husband and you still take him away from her?

Myy oohh myy..

Are you really that desperate in finding a husband?! *toeng*

Then I guess it’s all comes down to this again..


We have to balance our mind and our heart.

There’s time to listen to our mind and there’s time to listen to our heart.

It’s true that sometimes we can’t choose who we’re falling in love with for that feelings sometimes just growing in your heart.


When you know that the man (or woman) you’re falling in love with isn’t an available one, it’s time for your mind to talk some common sense to yourself that you should listen to!

Tame your heart and listen to your mind.

Even when you feel that the other person is your “right” one, the “one” you’ve been waiting for your whole life!


I don’t know..

But I personally think that one happiness shouldn’t be based on another person’s sufferings, especially when you’re the reason why they suffer!

I personally know that I can’t be happy when I know that on my way to get my happiness, I hurt another persons intendedly.

And somehow I always believe..

If you two are meant to be together..

In your remaining time here on this Earth, you will meet your other half again.

And that time when that person is already available, maybe then it’s the right time for the two of you to continue whatever things that was one blooming.. if.. that feeling is still “there”.

Aahh.. hypnotize.. hypnotize..

Don’t play with this thing :p

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