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I’ve realized it now..

I don’t want to just do something..

But I want one which I can connect to.

One that I can “feel”.

One I can relate to while I’m doing it.

Even if it means I have to wait for some time then it’s fine by me.

For I want the “product” of what I do to have a soul of its own.

A soul that I need not to explain but will have a voice of its own.

And how can I ever give it one if I myself is soul-less while I’m doing what I do?


I don’t know for what reasons but..

These last couple of days.. I just lost that soul within me..

Don’t feel like doing anything, huhuhu..

I’ve tried to check my emotion, well.. not in a good condition but I can’t say that it’s in a bad condition either, just in a flat line.

And consciouslyy.. I’m not worried about anything, I guess..

So I don’t know where my soul is wandering around right now.

But I miss it so much!

My soul.. my soul..

Where are you?

Are you lost and just can’t find a way back to me?

Please listen carefully, my soul.

For you might hear me calling for you.

Just ignore all the other voices out there that might confuse you.

Close your eyes and listen with your heart.

There you might hear me calling you desperately to come back.

Please find your way back to me, my soul.

I can’t do anything without you.

I miss you.. I miss you so much!

Did I do something wrong to you so that you ran away from me?

If so, why don’t you just come and talk to me about it?

For I really have no idea what I did wrong, my soul.


I really need that spirits back.

The flame is becoming weaker, I can sense it somehow.

And only you, my soul, can make it alive again.

Don’t ask me how I know, for I just know.

So, please, my soul..

Make peace with me?

And come back soon!

I can’t barely hold on without you..

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