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Topic starter : Sunday, November 1, 2009 (1:22 pm)

Do you believe in signs?

Signs that we can find anytime and anywhere just as long as we keep our eyes opened and let our mind do the riddle to make the right conclusions of the signs we see along the wayof our journeys in life 😀


I don’t know..

I saw signs everywhere, huahahaha..

Looks like I’ve been guided to see things related to my heart.

But I still have no idea whether all these signs tell me to stop looking for more evidences and just deal with whatever feelings I have right now..


That I need to look for more signs to make the hurts go even deeper to make my heart working in normal function again :p

Cause as you know.. heartache might give you a very rich sense of feelings, hihihi..


It’s all come back to the decision I should make.

And I’ve decided..

I’m gonna give it a go a little further in this hurtful journey and hold myself tight not to break into pieces and hopefully I know right in time when I’ve reached my limit before I fall apart :p

*wish me luck!*


Let’s talk about another signs I’ve seen latelyy..

I love blogging and I love blogwalking.

But lately I rarelyy do the blogwalking thing because well..

I’ve spent too much time here on FB, huahahaha :p

But last night..

I did some blogwalkings to the blogs I used to read regularly.

And since I don’t believe in random anymore..

There must be some reasons behind of why I stumbled into some blogs that so very much related to what I felt lately.




Topic started : Thursday, October 29, 2009 (12:54 pm)

Have I told you how I love quotes?

Those wonderful messages hold special place in my heart.

In my down moments.. sometimes remembering those words could strengthen me in a way.

When there seems no way to go on.. those words somehow makes me believe that I’m gonna find my way out, too, from this so-called situation :p

I have this kind of “habit” in sending those inspiring words via text messages.

Sometimes I get those messages from my friends, sometimes from the quotes I collected.

It has been a while since the last time I sent those forwarded message again, huehehehe..

Feels kinda lazy to do so :p

Besides.. sometimes I feel like my forwarded message might only annoy the people who receive them and will only make their inbox full, ahahaha..

But since yesterdayy.. don’t know whyy.. I started sending them again cause I had some inspiring words from my friend that I wanted to share.

Here are the text messages :


Topic starter : Wednesday, October 28, 2009 (1:50 pm)

I love humans.. I do, ahahaha..

Even though sometimes they can be such a pain but oftentimes they give us pleasant surprises from time to time.

And I guess it’s true..

We never really get to know someone whollyy, ahahaha..

For even with ourselves we don’t know 100%, right?

There’s always always a part in us that we don’t know (yet).. although at times the “unknown” side might be revealed a little but there are still so much more that need to be learned and felt for us to get in touch with.

And that perhaps the exciting parts in dealing with other people.

Cause at first you don’t know them at all.

They are like blank pages to you.

But as you get to know them personallyy..

Suddenly they are not as blank as before anymore.. for little by little you find another colours, another faces, another sides in them.

Every little thing about them that shaped them into an image in your head about the person you’re dealing with.


Sabtu, 21 Maret 2009


Actually, I’ve been meaning to write about another topic buat postingan kali ini.

Tapi lagi2 harus tertunda karena ya ‘boo, gua ngga tau musti ngebahas apa tentang topik itu, hahaha :p


Berhubung mentok, tadi pagi gua nonton film aja dhe, kali ini yang dapat giliran adalah filmnya Leonardo di Caprio & Kate Winslet, film berjudul ‘Revolutionary Road’.

Ada yang udah pernah nonton?

And after seeing this movie, I realized something..

Emang bener mendingan gua tuh jangan baca2 review tentang suatu film sebelum nonton filmnya, hahaha..

Karena ada salah satu blogger yang nulis di blognya kalau dia nangis2 nonton nih film.


Instead of focusing on the movie itself, gua malah sibuk menerka2 bagian mana seeh yang bikin dia sampai nangis2, hihihi :p

Faktor itu ditambah faktor subtitle yang ngga match ama apa yang diomongin sehingga terpaksa di-off-in, masalahnyaa..

Kalau ngga ada subtitle gini maaahh bisa mati gaya nontonnya, hahaha, secara gua jadi ga bisa sepenuhnya ngerti cerita filmnya :p


Karena faktor2 di atas, I might miss the things yang mustinya bisa gua pelajari dari film ini.

Tapi satu yang ngga luput gua dapatkan dari film ini adalah mengenai..

A cry for help..

Yupp.. That’s the thing I learn from this movie ^o^

How oftentimes we missed other’s cry for help and they miss ours.

Iya, jeritan putus asa terselubung yang mungkin terkadang kita lontarkan tanpa sadar.

Dengan harapan agar mereka yang mendengarnya cukup sensitif untuk tau bahwa kita sedang minta tolong.

Itu yang gua tangkap dari tokoh April yang diperankan Kate Winslet.


Ohh myy..

Why couldn’t you see that tears were falling down her eyes?

I know I know that it might make you feel uneasy to deal with your emotions.

You might as well feel helpless for not being able to wipe those tears away.

But it’s not about you anymore, it’s about her.

Why couldn’t you, for once in your life, just be a comfort for her.

Let her cry in your arms.

Let her know that whatever things she was feeling at the moment, she would always have you to be by her side.

Why couldn’t you just let her have her tears?!

But instead.. you told her to go to sleep.

I know I know.. sometimes sleep is the better way to ease the pains.

For another day might make you feel different in seeing your problems.

I know that as well.

But I also know..

That when someone finally lose her guards and can’t stop those tears, something might really break her down.

I know it oh so well, for.. I’m like her.

I always keep things for myself.

I don’t want to bother anyone with my problems.

Doesn’t mean that I don’t have any though :p

Heyy.. I’m still human (and not aliens) and I’m still living on the same planet as youu.

We will always have problems as long we’re still living in this world.

Want to be trouble-free?

Go to the other side :p


Have you ever wondered about people who you feel close to?

What makes you feel close to them?

What things do you have in common?

And why them and not the others?

Have you ever heard about the “laws of attractions”, the one that’s kinda popular related to the popular book, “The Secret”?

I’ve never read that one though, hehehe..

But somehow somehow..

Since I like making conclusions without gathering any info..

I feel like this..

Our soul is sending vibes to this world and those vibes in the same frequency might have been attracted to each other when they’re finding the same souls like their own.

Guess in a wayy.. our souls are more honest, they skip the outer appearance and just seek the inner soul which lies underneath.

That is whyy..

I don’t believe in random anymore.


One time Ken (Kenny Nakagawa) wrote a note here in FB about the 3 words that people usually forgot to say.

Those three words were : sorry, thank you and help (or please).

To get to know his insight on this matter, please read his note for I’m gonna talk about something else.

Among those 3 words, what is the most difficult word for you to say?

I’m having no problem at all in saying “thank you”, sometime it’s like an automatic response anywayy, huahahaha.. though in some other times, I say it because I do feel grateful :p

As for “thank you” itself, I think it’s no problem whether you mean it or just lip-service for I think whoever receive it will be glad to hear it.

Now the second word is “sorry”, that I have a little problem with, huehehehe..

Cause sometimes by saying “sorry” that means I admit that I was WRONG!

Ahahahaha.. see, this ego part in me sometimes always think that I’m right, all the time, if something goes wrong, well.. it’s not my fault, hihihi..

*tipe yang ngga nyadar diri :p*

And at times what caused me having difficulty in saying “sorry” is because.. well.. I don’t feel like I’m doing something wrong.

I don’t mind saying “sorry” if the other person at least wants to listen to what I’ve got to say.

Let me have my say.

And if what I say somewhat hurt you, then I’m sorry for hurting you, I do.

But I’m not sorry for what I say for I mean it and I have the rights to feel the way I feel, right?

*even though how I feel might be against how you want me to feel*

I’m sorry if I can’t be like what you want me to be.

I’m not a robot, I have a mind of my own and I have my own thoughts.

(Ouuchh.. jadi curhat :p)

And the last word, “help”, now that’s the word I’m having much troubles to sayy, huhuhuu..


Oh, waitt.. I don’t have any troubles at all saying it.. by writings, ahahaha :p

But to actually say that word from my mouth, ouucchh..

I’m soo having problems with that.

I’m gonna be inconsistent here for a while, hihihi..


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