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I’ve realized it now..

I don’t want to just do something..

But I want one which I can connect to.

One that I can “feel”.

One I can relate to while I’m doing it.

Even if it means I have to wait for some time then it’s fine by me.

For I want the “product” of what I do to have a soul of its own.

A soul that I need not to explain but will have a voice of its own.

And how can I ever give it one if I myself is soul-less while I’m doing what I do?


I don’t know for what reasons but..

These last couple of days.. I just lost that soul within me..

Don’t feel like doing anything, huhuhu..

I’ve tried to check my emotion, well.. not in a good condition but I can’t say that it’s in a bad condition either, just in a flat line.

And consciouslyy.. I’m not worried about anything, I guess..

So I don’t know where my soul is wandering around right now.

But I miss it so much!

My soul.. my soul..

Where are you?



Salah satu tanda orang yang lagi ngga ada di creative zone adalaahh..

Bukannya mikirin something to createe tapii.. malah ngubek2 postingan lama untuk di-post kembali di tempat yang lain, wakakakakak :p

Duhh.. ntahlaahh.. beberapa hari ini lagii soo very mentok ide, baik buat nulis ataupun buat ngegambar, soo not in the mood, mo ngapa2in rasanya males les less..

Jadilah gua ngubek2 postingan2 lama gua di Blogdrive.. nyari2 judul yang menarik hati lalu melahap abis apa2 yang pernah gua post.


Ternyataa.. ada gunanya juga gua selalu nulis to say things for myself, jadii pas baca2 ulang, gua masih bisa konek ama apa yang gua tulis, wakakakakak :p

And again.. I want to share this one for youu..

Met menikmati Kamis malam yang dingin inii karena tadi khan abis diguyur ujaann..

Aahh.. don’t you just lovee to smell the grounds after the rain? 😉

Oh btw, this one’s taken from my other blog :


Originally posted on March 11, 2009.


Tonight is so very beautiful ‘bo!

Tenang, gua ngga akan berpuisi ria, bukannya ngga mau tapi kaga bisa, ahahaha :p

Anywayy, coba dhe sempatkan menengok langit malam ini.

Dan tataplah bintang yang berkerlap kerlip di atas sana.

Dan juga bulan yang malam ini bersinar dengan terangnya.

So beautiful.

Didampingi dengan awan tipis yang menggelayut di gelapnya langit.


Baru tadi siang disinggung2 soal langit, bintang, bulan dan sebagainya, eehh, malam ini berhasil menikmati 3 di antara yang siang tadi disinggung2, hihihi 😀

Ketika menatap bulan purnama yang bersinar terang itu, gua jadi menyadari..

Bahwa semua ciptaan Tuhan bisa dijadikan sebagai simbol harapan!

Just choose any kind of God’s creation and you’ll be amazed of the wonders it brings!

Search for it and you will find what you’ve been looking for.


Ahahaha.. you know whatt..

Kadang gua pikir selain nulis.. gua perlu ngebaca2 apa yang gua tulis, hihihi.. karena terkadaaangg.. within time.. the “message” dari apa yang dulu pernah gua tulis itu bisa jadi masih “berlaku” untuk situasi yang gua hadapi sekarang :p

Ada untungnya juga gua bikin backup blog buat Blogdrive, jadii.. sambil copas postingan2 lamaa ke blog baru di WordPress.. gua jadi baca2 lagee apa yang dulu pernah gua tulis and kadang pas baca jadi suka ber-oohh wooww.. dulu kayanya gua lebih “bijaksana” dibanding sekarang yang lebih sering nyungsep, wakakakakak :p

And here’s another old post I want to share with you 🙂

Dari blog gua di Blogdrive :


Original post ini tanggal 23 February 2009 and I guess this is another “message” untuk menguatkan gua di saat gua sedang lemah, hehehe..

You know khan.. the right message will come to the right person at the right time?

Soo.. maybe sekarang waktu buat gua untuk mendapatkan kembali pesan yang dulu pernah gua tulis untuk diri gua sendiri, ahahahaha 😀



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Have you ever heard about this :

Be careful of what you wish for?


It’s true!!

Be careful of what you wish for!

For sometimes you do get what you wish.. but NOT in the way you want it to, wakakakakak :p

Take me for example 😉

Couple of days agoo..

I was soo fed up with my routinity at the office.

And I felt soo bored.

I wish oohh how I wish I could have some days off, awayy from the office.

And guess what..

God granted my wishes.

I did have a day off, away from the office.


I was sick, wakakakakakk :p

Thursday night.. got high fever..


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I want to dedicate this song for myself.

You can watch the video clip here :

And I get the lyric from :


(But I modified some part with the lyric from : http://www.metrolyrics.com/still-beautiful-lyrics-jessica-simpson.html => couldn’t copy paste from here :p)

So, Indah, this one’s for you and please pay attention on the lyric, alright?


“Still Beautiful”
By Jessica Simpson

I have always believed
God won’t give me more than I can handle
But sometimes when it’s so hard
And I’m falling apart
I wonder if I can take this hurt
I’m going through
But I know no matter what I do

They won’t all be sunny days
Life’s gonna bring out some rain
But after it’s over
I’ll be that much stronger for the pain
So even when I’m sad
I know everyday I have is still beautiful

Still beautiful

There have been times in my life
When all of my skies were blue and were so wide open
But lately all of my dreams seem so out of reach
And everything feels so broken

But it can’t last too long
So I’ll just keep on holding on

They won’t all be sunny days
Life’s gonna bring out some rain
But after it’s over
I’ll be that much stronger for the pain
So even when I’m sad
I know everyday I have is still beautiful

We’re all gonna cry sometimes
We’re all gonna hurt sometimes
But it takes the good and the bad
The happy and sad to make you feel alive

They won’t all be sunny days
Life’s gonna bring out some rain
But after it’s over
I’ll be that much stronger for the pain

I know I’ll be alright
Long as you’re here by my side
So even when I’m sad
I know everyday I have is still beautiful
Still beautiful



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I’ve been wondering about this for some time.

If I could write my own obituary..

What would I say about me?

How would I describe my life?

What did I want people to remember me about?

Is it weird to think about this?

I feel like it’s important to think about death once in a while, you know.. to remind us that we do have limited time here on Earth.

And about this obituary thing.. well..

Maybe to reflect whether we’ve been on the right track or not in living the life that we want.

If I die now..

I know I’ll die in regrets, huahahaha :p

So many things I still want in my life..

My dreaaaammsss haven’t been fulfilled yet!

And I’m not sure I have become the kind of person I want people to remember me.

Please, God, have mercy on me..

Don’t take me now 🙂

How about you?

What will you write on your own obituary?

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One single word that seems so hard to get.

What is perfect anyway?

According to “Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of Current English” by AS Hornby (yes yes.. I’m now taking a dictionary to the office, wakakakakak, it’s time to stop bugging my friend anytime I have a difficulty in finding a proper word to write :p)..

*and why wouldn’t I just use online dictionary? hmm.. don’t know :p*

(malah dibahas, ahahaha)


Perfect = complete with everything needed ; without fault, excellent; exact, accurate..

Oh well.. go read it yourself in that dictionary, huahahaha..

*too lazy to type.com :p*

The most common definition for this “perfect” word I guess is “without fault”.

So oftentimes we hear people sayy..

Nobody’s perfect!

Hmm.. is it?

I don’t know.

I feel like since humans are God’s masterpiece then we’re a complete perfect package, with both our strengths and weaknesses.

So it’s only natural if at times we do make faults and mistakes in our lifes.

Cause if we only have our strengths, we might not make any faults and without making any faults.. there’s no room to grow.. we’ll be a static person instead of a dynamic one :p

If we only have strengths then our heads might be above the clouds all the times.

It’s our weaknesses that keep our feet still touching the grounds.

And He surely has His own purpose in making us the way we are with our own flaws.

If all parts of our body are on the left or right side only then we might not be able to stand still.

And a baby can only be produced by the combination of a man and a woman, no matter how the world has become now.

Isn’t it wonderful that since the very beginning we firstly greeted this world, “balance” already became the main key for us to live in this world?

But sometimes we tend to forget it.


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