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Couple of days ago, I was watching a TV show, nearly at the end of its show.

There was an old woman who was being hypnotized by the talent of the show.

Under that “spell”, she was singing a heartbreaking song about a man who left his wife for another woman.


I don’t know why but hearing her singing that song, I immediately jumped into conclusion that she might be singing the story of her life.

And somehow I guess I was right.

Right after the talent of the show released her from the hypnotize, she then said that she hated men but she didn’t want to talk about it any further, she only said that as for the moment, she only lived for her children only.


I felt sad when hearing her said that, I could sense her bitterness when saying those words and those looks in her face.

Wondering what that one specific man (this case I assumed it’s her husband or should I say, ex husband) had done to her that made her come to that state.


I guess I have this tendency on blaming women in terms of affairs.

I hate myself for thinking this way but just can’t help but feeling this way :p

Maybe because I know men are weak, especially when it comes to the temptation of women!

You know the famous sayings..

Men fall for women whileas women fall for money?!

Sadyly to say but reality speaks that way in general.


It’s a woman’s job to stay away from any unavailable men!

I still can’t understand whyy oohh whyy..

A woman have a heart to hurt another woman!



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Have you ever heard about this :

Be careful of what you wish for?


It’s true!!

Be careful of what you wish for!

For sometimes you do get what you wish.. but NOT in the way you want it to, wakakakakak :p

Take me for example 😉

Couple of days agoo..

I was soo fed up with my routinity at the office.

And I felt soo bored.

I wish oohh how I wish I could have some days off, awayy from the office.

And guess what..

God granted my wishes.

I did have a day off, away from the office.


I was sick, wakakakakakk :p

Thursday night.. got high fever..


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I want to dedicate this song for myself.

You can watch the video clip here :

And I get the lyric from :

(But I modified some part with the lyric from : => couldn’t copy paste from here :p)

So, Indah, this one’s for you and please pay attention on the lyric, alright?


“Still Beautiful”
By Jessica Simpson

I have always believed
God won’t give me more than I can handle
But sometimes when it’s so hard
And I’m falling apart
I wonder if I can take this hurt
I’m going through
But I know no matter what I do

They won’t all be sunny days
Life’s gonna bring out some rain
But after it’s over
I’ll be that much stronger for the pain
So even when I’m sad
I know everyday I have is still beautiful

Still beautiful

There have been times in my life
When all of my skies were blue and were so wide open
But lately all of my dreams seem so out of reach
And everything feels so broken

But it can’t last too long
So I’ll just keep on holding on

They won’t all be sunny days
Life’s gonna bring out some rain
But after it’s over
I’ll be that much stronger for the pain
So even when I’m sad
I know everyday I have is still beautiful

We’re all gonna cry sometimes
We’re all gonna hurt sometimes
But it takes the good and the bad
The happy and sad to make you feel alive

They won’t all be sunny days
Life’s gonna bring out some rain
But after it’s over
I’ll be that much stronger for the pain

I know I’ll be alright
Long as you’re here by my side
So even when I’m sad
I know everyday I have is still beautiful
Still beautiful



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I’ve been wondering about this for some time.

If I could write my own obituary..

What would I say about me?

How would I describe my life?

What did I want people to remember me about?

Is it weird to think about this?

I feel like it’s important to think about death once in a while, you know.. to remind us that we do have limited time here on Earth.

And about this obituary thing.. well..

Maybe to reflect whether we’ve been on the right track or not in living the life that we want.

If I die now..

I know I’ll die in regrets, huahahaha :p

So many things I still want in my life..

My dreaaaammsss haven’t been fulfilled yet!

And I’m not sure I have become the kind of person I want people to remember me.

Please, God, have mercy on me..

Don’t take me now 🙂

How about you?

What will you write on your own obituary?

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One single word that seems so hard to get.

What is perfect anyway?

According to “Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of Current English” by AS Hornby (yes yes.. I’m now taking a dictionary to the office, wakakakakak, it’s time to stop bugging my friend anytime I have a difficulty in finding a proper word to write :p)..

*and why wouldn’t I just use online dictionary? hmm.. don’t know :p*

(malah dibahas, ahahaha)


Perfect = complete with everything needed ; without fault, excellent; exact, accurate..

Oh well.. go read it yourself in that dictionary, huahahaha..

*too lazy to :p*

The most common definition for this “perfect” word I guess is “without fault”.

So oftentimes we hear people sayy..

Nobody’s perfect!

Hmm.. is it?

I don’t know.

I feel like since humans are God’s masterpiece then we’re a complete perfect package, with both our strengths and weaknesses.

So it’s only natural if at times we do make faults and mistakes in our lifes.

Cause if we only have our strengths, we might not make any faults and without making any faults.. there’s no room to grow.. we’ll be a static person instead of a dynamic one :p

If we only have strengths then our heads might be above the clouds all the times.

It’s our weaknesses that keep our feet still touching the grounds.

And He surely has His own purpose in making us the way we are with our own flaws.

If all parts of our body are on the left or right side only then we might not be able to stand still.

And a baby can only be produced by the combination of a man and a woman, no matter how the world has become now.

Isn’t it wonderful that since the very beginning we firstly greeted this world, “balance” already became the main key for us to live in this world?

But sometimes we tend to forget it.


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I sometimes just can’t understand why do you have to be a dream killer.

If you can’t dream of anything in your entire life, then just be it..

But there’s no need to put away someone’s flame of dreams.

If you’re so satisfied with your life now then it’s great!!

But still.. I think there’s no need to kill one’s dream.

For dreams sometimes are the ones which keep us alive when our so-called reality really sucks!

Dreams make us wait eagerly for a better tomorrow when today seems so bitter to live on.

Dreams sometimes enable us to see a glimpse of light in our so-called darkness.

And who are you.. I’m gonna ask one again..

Who are you to kill our reasons to live?!

If living without any dreams is fine by you then go ahead.. just continue living that way.

But you have no rights to kill anyone’s dreams!

So what if what they dream of sounds childish to you?

So what if what they dream of sounds like a waste of time to you?

So what if what they dream of sounds so unrealistic to you?

I’m gonna ask you once again..



Let them have it.

Even when they can’t make it come true and leave them only with heartbroken.

Let them be.

For every single thing that happens to us has a way to teach us things.

There’s always a lesson to learn in everything we experience in this life.

Let them have their tears when their dreams are shattered into pieces.

And let them have their joys in having those dreams itself.

Why is it so hard for you to just do that?


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Just a piece of mind left from the previous blog’s link I’ve posted before.

Have you ever heard this quote :

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?


I guess it’s true.. especially related to arts, huahahaha..

There’s no “bad” things when we talk about arts, it’s all just a matter of taste and preferences.

One might say this thing is good but the other might be clueless and really have no idea what’s the good thing in the same picture they see.

It’s not a matter of right or wrong but it’s all.. well.. back again to “taste” itself :p

I lovee seeing beautiful pictures.

What I mean by “beautiful” is the one with bright cheerful and colourful objects within.

Those lively colours sometimes just grab my attentions faster than the gloomy ones, huehehehe..

I’m not saying that all gloomy pictures are bad to me, noo..

I love some of them.. but I prefer the ones with colours :p

And I’m having real difficulties in enjoying abstract pictures for some pictures are well.. that abstract that won’t leave any room for me to imagine things from what I see, ahahaha..

Happy faces always catch my attentions, too..

Love seeing them..

And I guess I’m more interested in cartoon style and things related to children, huahahaha.. kinda childish, I know.. but somehow just can’t ignore them for those pictures are soo free-spirited.

They can break all the rules and still look cute.

(Remember Sailor Moon with her ooohh-so-veryy BIG eyess but still looks gorgeous anywayy ^o^)

Those pictures sometimes have a mind of their own that not everyone might understand.

I just love it..