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I lovee Cafe World!!

Huahahaha.. this is the newest game that I’m addicted, too :p

And the one that made me didn’t really mind when it took ages to login to Pet Society and sometimes I even forgot to login there just because I was too busy cooking at Cafe World, wakakakakak :p

And tonight I’ve got another “enlightment” that this game, Cafe World, is indeed a fun way to learn about much things.

Noo.. it isn’t related to cooking though it’s a cooking game.

But I think this game teaches us how to maximize your space.

I remodelled my cafe for couple of times to get the maximum use of space so I can put more desks and chairs and everyone would be served by the waiters.

Cause sometimes if you pay any attention on each customer, some of them might not be served by the waiter and if that happens, then probablyy.. there’s something wrong in the way you arrange the desk and the chair.

Aside from the maximum use of space, you ca also learn about timing.

Each food has a certain amount of time to cook.

So you must be sure to do some rollings in cooking so the counters won’t be emptied and the customers won’t get starved.

Another thing you can learn from this game is about expense and revenue.

There’s a description about the cost to buy the food and how much money will you get by serving each food.

You can make a calculation about the profit you will get and not to forget also considering the amount of time to get the food ready to be served.

Interesting game, isn’t it?

I haven’t made any details calculation on which food will give me most profits, ahahaha..

But you can make calculation in case you’re bored in waiting for the meal to be cooked, it’s a good way to keep your brain in active mode.

Just remember..

Don’t use calculator, otree?!

I realized it now that I’m getting slooooowww in calculating even in simple numbers, huahahaha.. because calculator surely makes things easier but it also makes your brain works in slower mode :p

Oohh boyy.. this is what I call a fun learning!

Don’t you just lovee playing games? 😉

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Nb. For all the Cafe World Lovers out there.. what have you learned from this game? ^o^



Salah satu tanda orang yang lagi ngga ada di creative zone adalaahh..

Bukannya mikirin something to createe tapii.. malah ngubek2 postingan lama untuk di-post kembali di tempat yang lain, wakakakakak :p

Duhh.. ntahlaahh.. beberapa hari ini lagii soo very mentok ide, baik buat nulis ataupun buat ngegambar, soo not in the mood, mo ngapa2in rasanya males les less..

Jadilah gua ngubek2 postingan2 lama gua di Blogdrive.. nyari2 judul yang menarik hati lalu melahap abis apa2 yang pernah gua post.


Ternyataa.. ada gunanya juga gua selalu nulis to say things for myself, jadii pas baca2 ulang, gua masih bisa konek ama apa yang gua tulis, wakakakakak :p

And again.. I want to share this one for youu..

Met menikmati Kamis malam yang dingin inii karena tadi khan abis diguyur ujaann..

Aahh.. don’t you just lovee to smell the grounds after the rain? 😉

Oh btw, this one’s taken from my other blog :

Originally posted on March 11, 2009.


Tonight is so very beautiful ‘bo!

Tenang, gua ngga akan berpuisi ria, bukannya ngga mau tapi kaga bisa, ahahaha :p

Anywayy, coba dhe sempatkan menengok langit malam ini.

Dan tataplah bintang yang berkerlap kerlip di atas sana.

Dan juga bulan yang malam ini bersinar dengan terangnya.

So beautiful.

Didampingi dengan awan tipis yang menggelayut di gelapnya langit.


Baru tadi siang disinggung2 soal langit, bintang, bulan dan sebagainya, eehh, malam ini berhasil menikmati 3 di antara yang siang tadi disinggung2, hihihi 😀

Ketika menatap bulan purnama yang bersinar terang itu, gua jadi menyadari..

Bahwa semua ciptaan Tuhan bisa dijadikan sebagai simbol harapan!

Just choose any kind of God’s creation and you’ll be amazed of the wonders it brings!

Search for it and you will find what you’ve been looking for.


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Gaming can be a good way to get to know yourself better.

I learned more about myself from the games I played :p

Hmm.. let’s see..

From Chuzzle Deluxe : I’m soo not good with deadline, it freaks me out instead of arising the best part in me, ahahaha :p

That is why I never like games with timer, ahahaha..

From The SIMS : I’m soo not good in decorating houses, hihi.. and I don’t think I’m into interior design that much.

And recent game of course : PET SOCIETY!

Huahahaha :p

I learned so much from this game about myself.


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Have I told you how I love quotes?

Those wonderful messages hold special place in my heart.

In my down moments.. sometimes remembering those words could strengthen me in a way.

When there seems no way to go on.. those words somehow makes me believe that I’m gonna find my way out, too, from this so-called situation :p

I have this kind of “habit” in sending those inspiring words via text messages.

Sometimes I get those messages from my friends, sometimes from the quotes I collected.

It has been a while since the last time I sent those forwarded message again, huehehehe..

Feels kinda lazy to do so :p

Besides.. sometimes I feel like my forwarded message might only annoy the people who receive them and will only make their inbox full, ahahaha..

But since yesterdayy.. don’t know whyy.. I started sending them again cause I had some inspiring words from my friend that I wanted to share.

Here are the text messages :


Have you ever wondered about people who you feel close to?

What makes you feel close to them?

What things do you have in common?

And why them and not the others?

Have you ever heard about the “laws of attractions”, the one that’s kinda popular related to the popular book, “The Secret”?

I’ve never read that one though, hehehe..

But somehow somehow..

Since I like making conclusions without gathering any info..

I feel like this..

Our soul is sending vibes to this world and those vibes in the same frequency might have been attracted to each other when they’re finding the same souls like their own.

Guess in a wayy.. our souls are more honest, they skip the outer appearance and just seek the inner soul which lies underneath.

That is whyy..

I don’t believe in random anymore.


I sometimes do wish I had a more extrovert personality so that I can make friends easier with someone new, huehehehe..

Cause having that many friends seem fun :p

But knowing me..

Well.. I guess I can’t keep up with that much friends either.

For I want to connect with each of them in a more personal way.

I want to know more about them, what are they like, what things we do have in common, about their favourites, etc etc.

And I know I’ll be exhausted if I have to do that with soo many friends cause sometimes being with other people for too long can really drain my energies faster, especially when I have to deal with the annoying types, huahahaha :p

*I’m thaaatt introvert, babee.. ahahaha :D*

But still.. having more friends is always always so tempting for me for sometimes my current friends are soo busy with their lifes, huhuhu.. I feel all alone and ehemm.. kinda lonelyy, hihihii :p

Anywayy.. there’s this thing that I got from an online site about personality.

It says :

you dislike social niceties and consider them to be hindrances to real communication.

Aaihhh.. it’s soo mee.. ahahahaha..

That is why I left chatroom looooooong ago, coz I’m so bored having to answer that “age/sex/location” each time I chat with someone new.

I meaaann.. hellooo.. does my age or sex or location really matter that much?

Besidess.. ain’t my nick says it all?

Back then I used “vi_girl22” as my nickname.

(Funnilyy is.. many of them always ask, “Does that vi stand for virgin?” Wakakakakak :p)

I meann.. didn’t that nick imply that I’m a girl, and that 22 might be either my age or my birthdate?

That 22 couldn’t be my birth year, right, for if so I was no longer a girl, wakakakak :p

Soo.. instead of keep asking about that “a/s/l”..

Why don’t we just talk?

Huhuhu.. am I being impolite here?

Like here in FB..


come and smilee with mee :p

So here’s the thing.

This morning I looked at my drawing collection in a plastic folder and there I found a small book, the one I called as “Indah’s Creativity Book” (looks like I was feeling creative at that time, hihihi :p).

I have this kind of habit to write down the date after I finished my drawing and it’s kinda surprised me to know that in that “Creativity Book” were my drawings from back then in 2001!


I never have thought that I lovee drawing that much!

I mean I always know that writing has been some kind of self-therapy for me since I’m having this hard time to talk about my feelings, but too keep all those emotions inside is too unbearable for me to handle, that is whyy I need a way out for my emotions and I release them out through my writings, huehehehe :p

But I never never realize that maybee.. drawings have been some kind of emotional release for me, too..