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*groookk.. groookk.. whaddup? :p*

Before I forget.. I want to share the story of a frog :p

A frog who appeared out of nowhere in my bathroom many days ago.

And then as soon as he appeared, he was gone without leaving any trails behind.

But then..

He appeared again, that time he was in my bedroom.

And *pooff* he was gone again.

And I had my peace without having to worry about his sudden appearance anymore.

But my peace was soon to be broken only couple of days after.

Another frog jumped into my bedroom.

How can I be sure that it was a different frog?

Well.. the first one was a skinny young frog.

And the second one was a much bigger one and looked kinda old.

And this time.. I think I finally able to learn something from him.

After he was jumping here and there..

I managed to corner him to the little space between the place where I kept my clothes and the wall and in order not to let the frog get out, I put a shoebox to close the entrance.

And here is my first lesson of the frog.

He tried to escape by jumping.

Many times he failed for he jumped too low than the shoebox I put in front of him.

But without hesitation and with the spirit of never giving up.. he tried again and again and again..

And he managed to escape!!

Oohh, woooww!!

So I guess the lesson that he wanted me to learn is about these ones :

– jump a little bit higher
– try a little bit harder

Hmm.. is that so, froggie?

Maybe you’re right.

I should’ve tried a little bit harder and not easily given up whenever I was stumbled :p

And I thought that was the only lesson that frog wanted me to learn so I was kinda relief that as soon as I grabbed that lesson, again.. he was gone!

But oh boy ooohh boyy..

I was too soon to feel glad!

For the next night he was there again.. this time back to the first place I met his ‘brother’, yupp.. in the bathrom!!

Before I continue..

Here’s the thing..

Frogs aren’t my favourite so I don’t know much about them.

But come to think again..

I don’t really like to gather facts about things that I like.

I just like them and that’s enough for me, whatever facts they are of the things that I like :p

And I like jumping into conclusions with my own perceptions, not based on facts, wakakakakak..

So this thing I’ve learned is based on what I see without knowing the “facts” about frogs..

Things that from others who know better about frogs might think that well.. it’s the nature of frogs anyway :p

Okay, let’s continue with the bathroom’s scene.

That frog jumped to the top of my bathtub edge and because he felt like there was no way out, he tried the other way.

He then tried to climb the wall and when he sticked his slimy legs on the wall, I got another lesson to learn, which was :

– give it a try no matter how seemingly impossible it is

Well.. at least what that froggie did was a mission impossible for me, ahahahaha :p

But I like the message he brings!

For sometimes you know, impossible means.. I’m possible, wakakakakak..

*as always I like jumping into conclusion :p*

Well.. I left him while he was still sticking his slimy legs on the wall and I continued playing games, ahahaha..

And maybe because that froggie thinks I’ve learned the lesson I needed from him, he was gone again 😀

And hopefullyy..

He won’t come back again, huahahaha..

Sorry, froggie..

I’ve just realized that I love you more when you’re already as fried one, cause seeing you alive somehow makes me shiver, hiii..

I’m so glad I’m more into Cinderella story and NOT too fond of the Frog Prince tale, wakakakakak.. so I don’t have to kiss you just to prove that you aren’t a real prince under a spell, froggie :p


Thanks for the lesson anyway ^o^

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*interupted by playing with Angelicious and cooking at Cafe World, ahahaha :p*



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I lovee Cafe World!!

Huahahaha.. this is the newest game that I’m addicted, too :p

And the one that made me didn’t really mind when it took ages to login to Pet Society and sometimes I even forgot to login there just because I was too busy cooking at Cafe World, wakakakakak :p

And tonight I’ve got another “enlightment” that this game, Cafe World, is indeed a fun way to learn about much things.

Noo.. it isn’t related to cooking though it’s a cooking game.

But I think this game teaches us how to maximize your space.

I remodelled my cafe for couple of times to get the maximum use of space so I can put more desks and chairs and everyone would be served by the waiters.

Cause sometimes if you pay any attention on each customer, some of them might not be served by the waiter and if that happens, then probablyy.. there’s something wrong in the way you arrange the desk and the chair.

Aside from the maximum use of space, you ca also learn about timing.

Each food has a certain amount of time to cook.

So you must be sure to do some rollings in cooking so the counters won’t be emptied and the customers won’t get starved.

Another thing you can learn from this game is about expense and revenue.

There’s a description about the cost to buy the food and how much money will you get by serving each food.

You can make a calculation about the profit you will get and not to forget also considering the amount of time to get the food ready to be served.

Interesting game, isn’t it?

I haven’t made any details calculation on which food will give me most profits, ahahaha..

But you can make calculation in case you’re bored in waiting for the meal to be cooked, it’s a good way to keep your brain in active mode.

Just remember..

Don’t use calculator, otree?!

I realized it now that I’m getting slooooowww in calculating even in simple numbers, huahahaha.. because calculator surely makes things easier but it also makes your brain works in slower mode :p

Oohh boyy.. this is what I call a fun learning!

Don’t you just lovee playing games? 😉

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Nb. For all the Cafe World Lovers out there.. what have you learned from this game? ^o^


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Aaahh.. notes-kuu.. lama tak bersua dengan dirimuu..

*lebayy padahal terakhir masih disambangi hari Minggu kemaren :p*

Sebenernyaa.. ada yang pengen gua omongin ama dirimuu..

Apa dayaa.. hari ini ada kejadian ngga mengenakkan yang bikin semuanya menguapp..

Eehh.. untungnya ngga sepenuhnya ngilang di udara seehh.. karena udah gua tulis di buku, huahahaha..

Yoii.. sejak.. hmm.. let’s see..

Sejak 27 Oktober lalu gua putuskan untuk back to manual alias kembali menyiapkan buku untuk mencatat pikiran2 yang melintas di otak gua.

Karena gua pengen tauu.. apaan aja sih yang seharian berkeliaran di otak :p


So far so good seehh..

Maksudnya gua masih tetap konsisten memberdayagunakan tuh buku, walau kadang ngga tiap hari juga, ahahahahaa..

And akhirnya tuh buku juga ngga sepenuhnya jadi tempat menangkap flashing thoughts karena kadang jadi ajang buat nulis postingan juga :p

Yaahh.. whatever fungsinya ituu..

Moga2 sih in time bakal bisa bikin gua ngerti lebih lagi tentang apa seeh yang paling sering nyantol di pikiran gua, huahahaha..

And juga lebih bisa mengklasifikasikan hal apa yang sering jadi trigger kacaunya perasaan gua :p

Huaa.. ngga tau aah mo ngomong apaan lagee..

See you some other time dhe yaa..

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Have you ever heard about this :

Be careful of what you wish for?


It’s true!!

Be careful of what you wish for!

For sometimes you do get what you wish.. but NOT in the way you want it to, wakakakakak :p

Take me for example 😉

Couple of days agoo..

I was soo fed up with my routinity at the office.

And I felt soo bored.

I wish oohh how I wish I could have some days off, awayy from the office.

And guess what..

God granted my wishes.

I did have a day off, away from the office.


I was sick, wakakakakakk :p

Thursday night.. got high fever..


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I’ve made another blog to backup the notes I have here in Facebook.

The address is :


It’s easier to blog there for you can put tags and separate your posts in different categories 😀

And it has a count of post, too, per month.

So it’s good to keep track, ahahaha..

Pheww.. I finally finished transferring all the notes here in Facebook to WordPress :p

Note to myself : next time, post each entry to both blogs, ahahaha 😀

Anywayy.. here’s the statistic since I first time I made notes here in FB.

* November 2009 (3)
* October 2009 (28)
* September 2009 (14)
* August 2009 (19)
* July 2009 (38)
* June 2009 (28)
* May 2009 (20)
* April 2009 (26)
* March 2009 (1)


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Have I told you how I love quotes?

Those wonderful messages hold special place in my heart.

In my down moments.. sometimes remembering those words could strengthen me in a way.

When there seems no way to go on.. those words somehow makes me believe that I’m gonna find my way out, too, from this so-called situation :p

I have this kind of “habit” in sending those inspiring words via text messages.

Sometimes I get those messages from my friends, sometimes from the quotes I collected.

It has been a while since the last time I sent those forwarded message again, huehehehe..

Feels kinda lazy to do so :p

Besides.. sometimes I feel like my forwarded message might only annoy the people who receive them and will only make their inbox full, ahahaha..

But since yesterdayy.. don’t know whyy.. I started sending them again cause I had some inspiring words from my friend that I wanted to share.

Here are the text messages :


I sometimes do wish I had a more extrovert personality so that I can make friends easier with someone new, huehehehe..

Cause having that many friends seem fun :p

But knowing me..

Well.. I guess I can’t keep up with that much friends either.

For I want to connect with each of them in a more personal way.

I want to know more about them, what are they like, what things we do have in common, about their favourites, etc etc.

And I know I’ll be exhausted if I have to do that with soo many friends cause sometimes being with other people for too long can really drain my energies faster, especially when I have to deal with the annoying types, huahahaha :p

*I’m thaaatt introvert, babee.. ahahaha :D*

But still.. having more friends is always always so tempting for me for sometimes my current friends are soo busy with their lifes, huhuhu.. I feel all alone and ehemm.. kinda lonelyy, hihihii :p

Anywayy.. there’s this thing that I got from an online site about personality.

It says :

you dislike social niceties and consider them to be hindrances to real communication.

Aaihhh.. it’s soo mee.. ahahahaha..

That is why I left chatroom looooooong ago, coz I’m so bored having to answer that “age/sex/location” each time I chat with someone new.

I meaaann.. hellooo.. does my age or sex or location really matter that much?

Besidess.. ain’t my nick says it all?

Back then I used “vi_girl22” as my nickname.

(Funnilyy is.. many of them always ask, “Does that vi stand for virgin?” Wakakakakak :p)

I meann.. didn’t that nick imply that I’m a girl, and that 22 might be either my age or my birthdate?

That 22 couldn’t be my birth year, right, for if so I was no longer a girl, wakakakak :p

Soo.. instead of keep asking about that “a/s/l”..

Why don’t we just talk?

Huhuhu.. am I being impolite here?

Like here in FB..