Sabtu, 21 Maret 2009


Actually, I’ve been meaning to write about another topic buat postingan kali ini.

Tapi lagi2 harus tertunda karena ya ‘boo, gua ngga tau musti ngebahas apa tentang topik itu, hahaha :p


Berhubung mentok, tadi pagi gua nonton film aja dhe, kali ini yang dapat giliran adalah filmnya Leonardo di Caprio & Kate Winslet, film berjudul ‘Revolutionary Road’.

Ada yang udah pernah nonton?

And after seeing this movie, I realized something..

Emang bener mendingan gua tuh jangan baca2 review tentang suatu film sebelum nonton filmnya, hahaha..

Karena ada salah satu blogger yang nulis di blognya kalau dia nangis2 nonton nih film.


Instead of focusing on the movie itself, gua malah sibuk menerka2 bagian mana seeh yang bikin dia sampai nangis2, hihihi :p

Faktor itu ditambah faktor subtitle yang ngga match ama apa yang diomongin sehingga terpaksa di-off-in, masalahnyaa..

Kalau ngga ada subtitle gini maaahh bisa mati gaya nontonnya, hahaha, secara gua jadi ga bisa sepenuhnya ngerti cerita filmnya :p


Karena faktor2 di atas, I might miss the things yang mustinya bisa gua pelajari dari film ini.

Tapi satu yang ngga luput gua dapatkan dari film ini adalah mengenai..

A cry for help..

Yupp.. That’s the thing I learn from this movie ^o^

How oftentimes we missed other’s cry for help and they miss ours.

Iya, jeritan putus asa terselubung yang mungkin terkadang kita lontarkan tanpa sadar.

Dengan harapan agar mereka yang mendengarnya cukup sensitif untuk tau bahwa kita sedang minta tolong.

Itu yang gua tangkap dari tokoh April yang diperankan Kate Winslet.



Holly Kennedy:

All I know is, if you don’t figure out this something, you’ll just stay ordinary, and it doesn’t matter if its a work of art or a taco, or a pair of socks! Just create something… new, and there it is, and its you, out in the world, out side of you and you can look at it, or hear it, or read it, or feel it… and you know a little more about… you. A little bit more than anyone else does… Does that make any sense at all?

Got that quote from

It’s from “P.S. I Love You” the movie.

Ahahaha.. I’ve watched this movie 4 times, that’s kinda a record for me for I rarely repeat watching (any) movies :p

But somehow.. maybe.. this movie has a special message for me that made me kept watching it from time to time.

There are soo many things I’ve learned from this movie.

But this time I’m gonna stick to as the title of this post.

About “my business is to create”.

There’s one line from Gerry’s letter when Holly was in Irlandia.

Don’t remember the exact words, but more or less it goes like this.

You see, Love, I’m not worry that you might forget me. It’s that girl in that road that you kept forgetting!

That girl on that road refers to the Young Holly when Gerry first met her.

The Holly who said the words I quoted in the beginning of this post.

Have you ever felt that way?

That you want to share something to this world?

Just something, whatever it is.. to make you be a more than just an ordinary person in this world.


I’ve always been dreaming of having my own kind of Prince Charming.

I know.. I knoww.. I’m old enough now and should’ve stopped fantasizing things and check back in to this so-called reality world, ahahaha :p

But somehow somehow.. I just can’t help it, hahaha, for I have this dreamy soul within me :p

And who wouldn’t want Prince Charming anywayy.. for he’s a very picture perfect ideal of a man.

His awesome appearance, and not to forget that he comes to our rescue to take us away from our so-called “miserable” lifes, wakakakakak :p

But somehow somehow.. deep down in my heart, I always know that when the “right” one comes along, I might not care anymore whether he’s riding a horse of not, or does he bring any swords with him to fight all those dragons, ohh waitt.. does he look like a knight in shining armour?

Noo.. all those things wouldn’t really matter anymore.. cause at that time.. my heart will finally do her job, ahahahaha 😀 **

Why am I so sure about that?

Because my 2 favourite movies say so, wakakakakak :p

Kiddingg.. but somehow I feel connected with those two main female characters on those movies, hihihi.. the dreamy kind as me, hihihi..


I got this one from Liz..

Hmm.. this is gonna be tough, not because I have so many favourite movies but more because I like so many but don’t know if those impressed me so much to be my favourites, ahahaha ^o^

But okayy.. here we goo..


Rules: Don’t take too long to think about it. Jot down fifteen movies you’ve seen that will always stick with you. First fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes.

Tag fifteen friends, including me because I’m interested in seeing what movies my friends choose. (To do this, go to your Notes tab on your profile page, paste rules in a new note, cast your fifteen picks, and tag people in the note — upper right hand side.) I hope you participate, even if you didn’t get tagged!

Okay, these are mine, trying to do them accordingly in alphabetical order but failed miserably ^^; …

1. While You Were Sleeping => Lovee this one soo much even though at that time I didn’t really like Sandra Bullock, ahahaha.. but the casts, the Christmas season, and the fairytale-like storyline with a bit sense of reality ending, just perfect for mee, uhuyy ^o^

2. Lord of The Rings 2 : The Two Towers => Legolas rulesss!! Oh geezz.. he’s soo handsome here and soo elfish like, ahahaha.. I even like Legolas more than I like Orlando Bloom :p

3. X-Men 2 => The best of the trilogy!!

4. Spiderman 2 => This one is also the best of the trilogy by far ^o^

5. Harry Potter 3 : Prisoner of Azkaban (?) => I like this one so much, the director can capture the beauty of Hogwarts surroundings and spoiled us with beautiful scenery 😉

6. Fun With Dick & Jane => hmm.. hopefully I get the title right, ahaha, this is Jim Carrey’s movie :p I like this one even though sometimes Jim Carrey acted too much (as always :p) but this movie got me thinking.. if you’re in his position, from having (almost) everything and your life is turned upside down to have nothing.. can you fight the evil within and still be a good honourable person?! 🙂


ugghh.. si Russell ini so cutee and adorable bangetss!! mana chubby pulaa!! jadi pengen gigit tuh pipii, wakakakakak :p

Hari Kamis (6 Agustus) kemaren gua nonton ‘Up’ lagi, ahahaha, segitu doyannya ma nih film? Ga juga sih :p

Cuman pengen nyobain aja nonton film 3D tuh gimana rasanya seeh so berhubung lagi ada waktu and ada yang nemenin so marii kita nonton ^o^

Herannyaa.. this time I didn’t cry, ahahaha..

But I still laughed out loud at the funny parts, ahahaha 😀

Well.. the message I got from this movie is still the same 😉

Firstly is..

Your dreams might change within time but that doesn’t mean that you cannot be happy by pursuing your other dreams ^o^

Second is..

If you only live in a memory of yesterdayss.. elo ibarat udah “mati” walau elo masih bernapas.

Apalagi yaa? Belon kepikiran yang lain, jadii.. marii.. kita akhiri ini notes dengan apa, Saudara/i? 😀

Yupp.. bener bangetsss!!


Ada yang udah nonton film animasi yang satu ini?

Baru nongol di bioskop minggu ini tapii sepertinya di negara asalnya udah diputar ntah dari kapan tauu, ahahaha :p

Gua baru nonton nih film tadi siang ma temen gua.

And well.. I cried while watching, uhuhuuhu..

I don’t know why I’m always touched with old people’s love.

Tau donks film “Titanic”-nya si Leonardo diCaprio ama Kate Winslet?

Yang paling berkesan buat gua selama nonton film itu adalah adegan di mana sepasang kakek and nenek berpelukan di ranjang sambil menanti air menyapu bersih semua yang masih tertinggal di kapal.

It’s only a small scene but somehow itu yang paling berkesan buat gua and bikin gua nangis pas nonton tuh film, huhuhu..

Back to “Up”, gua juga nangis dhe pas adegan si neneknya meninggal, hiks hiks huaa..

So sad.


Pretty woman, walking down the street..
Pretty woman, the kind I’d like to meet..

Well, whether you have seen it or not, whether you like the storyline or not, I guess we all are familiar by this movie, Pretty Woman, starring by Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.

A moment ago, I suddenly remembered about a scene of this movie, a scene that I think we need to pay attention to because it’s crucial about life in general.

No, it’s not about the bathtub scene, hahaha :p

Do you remember Richard Gere’s lawyer who insisted him to sell a building in smaller parts?

Okayy.. I admit that I don’t remember the name of the characters in that movie, ahahaha 😀

Back again to the scene..

If I remembered correctly, Richard Gere bought a building owned by an old man and he intended to tore down the big building and sell it in small ones?

Until Vivian (aahh.. hoorayy I remember Julia’s character :p) made him realized something that he almost forgot.

Richard then said to his lawyer..

You know what.. I used to love making buildings when I was a kid.. but now as I grow up, why did I tear them apart?!

And then he cancelled his plans which made the lawyer get angry.

Oh well..

More or less that was the scene.

And I think the moral of the story of that scene is soo good!!