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*groookk.. groookk.. whaddup? :p*

Before I forget.. I want to share the story of a frog :p

A frog who appeared out of nowhere in my bathroom many days ago.

And then as soon as he appeared, he was gone without leaving any trails behind.

But then..

He appeared again, that time he was in my bedroom.

And *pooff* he was gone again.

And I had my peace without having to worry about his sudden appearance anymore.

But my peace was soon to be broken only couple of days after.

Another frog jumped into my bedroom.

How can I be sure that it was a different frog?

Well.. the first one was a skinny young frog.

And the second one was a much bigger one and looked kinda old.

And this time.. I think I finally able to learn something from him.

After he was jumping here and there..

I managed to corner him to the little space between the place where I kept my clothes and the wall and in order not to let the frog get out, I put a shoebox to close the entrance.

And here is my first lesson of the frog.

He tried to escape by jumping.

Many times he failed for he jumped too low than the shoebox I put in front of him.

But without hesitation and with the spirit of never giving up.. he tried again and again and again..

And he managed to escape!!

Oohh, woooww!!

So I guess the lesson that he wanted me to learn is about these ones :

– jump a little bit higher
– try a little bit harder

Hmm.. is that so, froggie?

Maybe you’re right.

I should’ve tried a little bit harder and not easily given up whenever I was stumbled :p

And I thought that was the only lesson that frog wanted me to learn so I was kinda relief that as soon as I grabbed that lesson, again.. he was gone!

But oh boy ooohh boyy..

I was too soon to feel glad!

For the next night he was there again.. this time back to the first place I met his ‘brother’, yupp.. in the bathrom!!

Before I continue..

Here’s the thing..

Frogs aren’t my favourite so I don’t know much about them.

But come to think again..

I don’t really like to gather facts about things that I like.

I just like them and that’s enough for me, whatever facts they are of the things that I like :p

And I like jumping into conclusions with my own perceptions, not based on facts, wakakakakak..

So this thing I’ve learned is based on what I see without knowing the “facts” about frogs..

Things that from others who know better about frogs might think that well.. it’s the nature of frogs anyway :p

Okay, let’s continue with the bathroom’s scene.

That frog jumped to the top of my bathtub edge and because he felt like there was no way out, he tried the other way.

He then tried to climb the wall and when he sticked his slimy legs on the wall, I got another lesson to learn, which was :

– give it a try no matter how seemingly impossible it is

Well.. at least what that froggie did was a mission impossible for me, ahahahaha :p

But I like the message he brings!

For sometimes you know, impossible means.. I’m possible, wakakakakak..

*as always I like jumping into conclusion :p*

Well.. I left him while he was still sticking his slimy legs on the wall and I continued playing games, ahahaha..

And maybe because that froggie thinks I’ve learned the lesson I needed from him, he was gone again 😀

And hopefullyy..

He won’t come back again, huahahaha..

Sorry, froggie..

I’ve just realized that I love you more when you’re already as fried one, cause seeing you alive somehow makes me shiver, hiii..

I’m so glad I’m more into Cinderella story and NOT too fond of the Frog Prince tale, wakakakakak.. so I don’t have to kiss you just to prove that you aren’t a real prince under a spell, froggie :p


Thanks for the lesson anyway ^o^

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*interupted by playing with Angelicious and cooking at Cafe World, ahahaha :p*



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I lovee Cafe World!!

Huahahaha.. this is the newest game that I’m addicted, too :p

And the one that made me didn’t really mind when it took ages to login to Pet Society and sometimes I even forgot to login there just because I was too busy cooking at Cafe World, wakakakakak :p

And tonight I’ve got another “enlightment” that this game, Cafe World, is indeed a fun way to learn about much things.

Noo.. it isn’t related to cooking though it’s a cooking game.

But I think this game teaches us how to maximize your space.

I remodelled my cafe for couple of times to get the maximum use of space so I can put more desks and chairs and everyone would be served by the waiters.

Cause sometimes if you pay any attention on each customer, some of them might not be served by the waiter and if that happens, then probablyy.. there’s something wrong in the way you arrange the desk and the chair.

Aside from the maximum use of space, you ca also learn about timing.

Each food has a certain amount of time to cook.

So you must be sure to do some rollings in cooking so the counters won’t be emptied and the customers won’t get starved.

Another thing you can learn from this game is about expense and revenue.

There’s a description about the cost to buy the food and how much money will you get by serving each food.

You can make a calculation about the profit you will get and not to forget also considering the amount of time to get the food ready to be served.

Interesting game, isn’t it?

I haven’t made any details calculation on which food will give me most profits, ahahaha..

But you can make calculation in case you’re bored in waiting for the meal to be cooked, it’s a good way to keep your brain in active mode.

Just remember..

Don’t use calculator, otree?!

I realized it now that I’m getting slooooowww in calculating even in simple numbers, huahahaha.. because calculator surely makes things easier but it also makes your brain works in slower mode :p

Oohh boyy.. this is what I call a fun learning!

Don’t you just lovee playing games? 😉

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Nb. For all the Cafe World Lovers out there.. what have you learned from this game? ^o^


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This post is about the frog which appeared in my bedroom couple of days ago.

I’m still curious up until now cause I still can’t grab any lessons from his appearance!

I mean.. this is something unusual.

If it’s about mosquito then it might not be any lessons that I should’ve learned, huahahaha :p

(Sorry, mosquitoes.. you appear too often that I started taking you for granted, ahahaha :p)

But a frog?!

A frog?! Out of nowhere?!

He must have brought something for me to learn.

But my mind just can’t seem to interpret anything *sigh*

This brought me back in time when a bird came into my bedroom.

This is taken from my other blog :


Originally posted : October 4, 2008


About A Bird : Aim It The Right Way

Hai, D, apa kabar? Baik2 aja? Semoga yaa ^o^

Anywayy, D.. Masih inget ga soal burung yang lagi itu terjebak di kamar gua?

Kalau ngga inget juga ngga apa2 sih, hahaha :p

Cuman belakangan ini gua lagi kepikiran sesuatu..

Bukan.. Bukan soal pertanda baik apa seperti yang si Gwen katakan.

Gua lagi mikir, apa sih yang tuh burung mau gua pelajari dari dirinya?

Hal apa yang lagi2 gua missed mendapatkan pesan pentingnya?

Kala itu yang bisa gua pikirkan cuman satu, yaitu : temukan sasaran yang tepat maka elo akan bisa mencapainya ^o^

Sampai sekarang juga gua ga bisa memikirkan message lain dari tuh burung sih.

Soalnya hal yang dilakukan tuh burung selama berulang2 di kamar gua adalah :

Menetapkan sasaran yang kelewat tinggi di pintu keluar dan sasaran terbang yang kelewat rendah di jendela.


Yang di jendela sih doesn’t really matter karena toh no way out juga melalui jendela.

Tapi mungkin yang tuh burung mau gua pelajari darinya adalah..

Tetapkan sasaran yang tepat walau itu mungkin lebih rendah dari harapan elo tapi dengan begitu elo akan menemukan jalan keluar dari permasalahan yang elo hadapi.

Gua ngeliatnya nih burung lebih fokus menabrak jendela karena pas mengarah ke jendela, terbangnya itu pakai acara trial and error dalam artian arah terbangnya kadang naik, kadang turunan dikit walaupun kisarannya ya di situ2 aja sebenarnya :p

Tapi ketika terbang ke arah pintu, dia keukeuh ngga berkutik di kisaran terbang dengan ketinggian selalu di atas batas teratas pintu, ngga mau lower down a bit.

Padahal kalau dia terbang lebih menukik ke bawah dikit aja, dia akan found the way out.

Maybe that bird wanted to tell me that all these times I was focusing on the wrong thing?

Maybe gua terlalu sibuk pontang panting menjaga sang ‘jendela’ dan tidak menggubris sang ‘pintu’ makanya gua always got trapped in the same problems?

Beberapa waktu lalu sebelum libur Lebaran, ngga tau kenapa tiba2 gua kepikiran kalau gua harus made peace with my ‘volcano’, ada something inside of me yang menyuruh gua untuk ‘merangkul’ sang ‘volcano’ dan mengajaknya berdamai.

Berkali2 ajakan itu bermain dalam pikiran gua tapi gua mengacuhkannya. Dan ego gua menahan gua untuk mengibarkan bendera putih tanda gencatan senjata and sebagai ajakan untuk berdamai.

Again, maybe I was listening to the wrong ‘voice’? That is why gua jadi teringat kembali akan si burung yang sempat terjebak dalam kamar gua?!

Ahh.. Burung, lain kali elo gua kursus-in berbicara ala manusia atau menulis dalam bahasa Indonesia dhee sehingga elo bisa langsung ngomong ke gua tentang apa yang elo ingin gua pelajari dari dirimu ^o^

Okee dokee, D.. Until then..

Ciaoo cito, babee..




And this made me realized that I should’ve had a better filing system, huahahaha.. It took me a while to get the posting I wanted :p

And since my old computer crashed, I had no back up, huhuhu..

But hmm.. isn’t it interesting how something can lead you into another one?

A lesson you might’ve learned but sometimes missed?

Well, froggie..

I’ll get your lesson, one way or another!

It’s okay if now I might not get it yet.

But promise me something, froggie..

Next time you visit me again.

Please let me learn something from you, alright? 😉

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I’ve realized it now..

I don’t want to just do something..

But I want one which I can connect to.

One that I can “feel”.

One I can relate to while I’m doing it.

Even if it means I have to wait for some time then it’s fine by me.

For I want the “product” of what I do to have a soul of its own.

A soul that I need not to explain but will have a voice of its own.

And how can I ever give it one if I myself is soul-less while I’m doing what I do?


I don’t know for what reasons but..

These last couple of days.. I just lost that soul within me..

Don’t feel like doing anything, huhuhu..

I’ve tried to check my emotion, well.. not in a good condition but I can’t say that it’s in a bad condition either, just in a flat line.

And consciouslyy.. I’m not worried about anything, I guess..

So I don’t know where my soul is wandering around right now.

But I miss it so much!

My soul.. my soul..

Where are you?


Salah satu tanda orang yang lagi ngga ada di creative zone adalaahh..

Bukannya mikirin something to createe tapii.. malah ngubek2 postingan lama untuk di-post kembali di tempat yang lain, wakakakakak :p

Duhh.. ntahlaahh.. beberapa hari ini lagii soo very mentok ide, baik buat nulis ataupun buat ngegambar, soo not in the mood, mo ngapa2in rasanya males les less..

Jadilah gua ngubek2 postingan2 lama gua di Blogdrive.. nyari2 judul yang menarik hati lalu melahap abis apa2 yang pernah gua post.


Ternyataa.. ada gunanya juga gua selalu nulis to say things for myself, jadii pas baca2 ulang, gua masih bisa konek ama apa yang gua tulis, wakakakakak :p

And again.. I want to share this one for youu..

Met menikmati Kamis malam yang dingin inii karena tadi khan abis diguyur ujaann..

Aahh.. don’t you just lovee to smell the grounds after the rain? 😉

Oh btw, this one’s taken from my other blog :


Originally posted on March 11, 2009.


Tonight is so very beautiful ‘bo!

Tenang, gua ngga akan berpuisi ria, bukannya ngga mau tapi kaga bisa, ahahaha :p

Anywayy, coba dhe sempatkan menengok langit malam ini.

Dan tataplah bintang yang berkerlap kerlip di atas sana.

Dan juga bulan yang malam ini bersinar dengan terangnya.

So beautiful.

Didampingi dengan awan tipis yang menggelayut di gelapnya langit.


Baru tadi siang disinggung2 soal langit, bintang, bulan dan sebagainya, eehh, malam ini berhasil menikmati 3 di antara yang siang tadi disinggung2, hihihi 😀

Ketika menatap bulan purnama yang bersinar terang itu, gua jadi menyadari..

Bahwa semua ciptaan Tuhan bisa dijadikan sebagai simbol harapan!

Just choose any kind of God’s creation and you’ll be amazed of the wonders it brings!

Search for it and you will find what you’ve been looking for.


Ahahaha.. you know whatt..

Kadang gua pikir selain nulis.. gua perlu ngebaca2 apa yang gua tulis, hihihi.. karena terkadaaangg.. within time.. the “message” dari apa yang dulu pernah gua tulis itu bisa jadi masih “berlaku” untuk situasi yang gua hadapi sekarang :p

Ada untungnya juga gua bikin backup blog buat Blogdrive, jadii.. sambil copas postingan2 lamaa ke blog baru di WordPress.. gua jadi baca2 lagee apa yang dulu pernah gua tulis and kadang pas baca jadi suka ber-oohh wooww.. dulu kayanya gua lebih “bijaksana” dibanding sekarang yang lebih sering nyungsep, wakakakakak :p

And here’s another old post I want to share with you 🙂

Dari blog gua di Blogdrive :


Original post ini tanggal 23 February 2009 and I guess this is another “message” untuk menguatkan gua di saat gua sedang lemah, hehehe..

You know khan.. the right message will come to the right person at the right time?

Soo.. maybe sekarang waktu buat gua untuk mendapatkan kembali pesan yang dulu pernah gua tulis untuk diri gua sendiri, ahahahaha 😀



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Aaahh.. notes-kuu.. lama tak bersua dengan dirimuu..

*lebayy padahal terakhir masih disambangi hari Minggu kemaren :p*

Sebenernyaa.. ada yang pengen gua omongin ama dirimuu..

Apa dayaa.. hari ini ada kejadian ngga mengenakkan yang bikin semuanya menguapp..

Eehh.. untungnya ngga sepenuhnya ngilang di udara seehh.. karena udah gua tulis di buku, huahahaha..

Yoii.. sejak.. hmm.. let’s see..

Sejak 27 Oktober lalu gua putuskan untuk back to manual alias kembali menyiapkan buku untuk mencatat pikiran2 yang melintas di otak gua.

Karena gua pengen tauu.. apaan aja sih yang seharian berkeliaran di otak :p


So far so good seehh..

Maksudnya gua masih tetap konsisten memberdayagunakan tuh buku, walau kadang ngga tiap hari juga, ahahahahaa..

And akhirnya tuh buku juga ngga sepenuhnya jadi tempat menangkap flashing thoughts karena kadang jadi ajang buat nulis postingan juga :p

Yaahh.. whatever fungsinya ituu..

Moga2 sih in time bakal bisa bikin gua ngerti lebih lagi tentang apa seeh yang paling sering nyantol di pikiran gua, huahahaha..

And juga lebih bisa mengklasifikasikan hal apa yang sering jadi trigger kacaunya perasaan gua :p

Huaa.. ngga tau aah mo ngomong apaan lagee..

See you some other time dhe yaa..

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