.. but judge it from its author!!

Ahahahaha.. kidding :p

I gotta say that I was the type of person who used to judge a book by its cover, literally, hihihi.. cause I’m too lazy to read the summary at the back :p

So I trusted my eyes on the cover designs before I decided to buy those books, ahahaha..

*and oohh.. I gotta sayy that discounted books also make me kinda lose my self-control, wakakakakak*

Well.. some of them are as nice as their covers.. while soo many others are quite disappointing :p

Apart from the covers.. sometimes the authors’ names are a guarantee for me to buy the books without any hesitation for I have read his/her book before and I like what they write there.

I used to just absorb any content of the books without doing too much thinking.

Just enjoy reading ’em.. enjoy.. enjoy..

Until I don’t know..

I guess I’ve come to a point where I started to ask about anything anyway, ahahaha ;p

At least these books won’t be bothered if I confronted what they’re offering to me anywayy..

For sometimes well..

I guess people around me are feeling kinda annoyed by my questions somehow, ahahaha :p

Don’t think too much about the unnecessary!!

I often heard someone said that to me.

(well.. what might be unnecessary for you might be something important for me anyway, right?)

Haiyaa.. what can I sayy?

Just can’t help it.. can’t help it..

For I do like questioning about things.

Sometimes I do want to find out the answers to my questions.

But sometimes it’s just for the “joy” of questioning itself.

This is when I think..

I need to learn reading a book and “judge” it based on its content and its content only.

I mean..

I don’t have to agree on whatever things in the content just because my favourite author is the one who writes it.

I don’t have to agree on the content just because that book is recommended by church.

I don’t have to agree on the content just because it’s a best-seller book.

Shortly to sayy..

I don’t have to agree on anything just because something, ahahaha :p



I realize it now that it’s not about how many books that you read but how that books made you realized something about your life.

And if it touches you then it must have something to do with your own life cause well.. I don’t believe in random anymore, remember? :p

I don’t believe one can push our wrong buttons without us already have some issues in that area of our lives, if we have no problems in that so those buttons will only be just like any other buttons that won’t arise our emotions to the surface.

Anywayy.. I want to share about a book that I just bought earlier to say, the title of the book is the same as my post’s title and it’s written by Peter Walsh.

For any of you who constantly watch Oprah Show might be familiar with the name for he has been in the shows for couple of times, related to clutter.

I’ve just begun read his first pages of the books but somehow it clicked me.

I guess you’re all familiar with the famous sayings that your outer world reflects your inner world, right?

Ohh.. myy!!

Then my inner world might be THAT MESSY considering that I have such a messy, I mean totally messy bedroom with things all over the place.

In that book, Peter shared some fanmails from people who either reading his (previous?) book(s) or watching his shows.

And the first letter just put tears in my eyes.

Here it is..

Page 6 :

Dear Peter,
I believe that if I can learn to “let go”, change will happen. All of this clutter is taking my life away from me. There is so much going on, literally and figuratively, in my house that there is no room for happiness. I find that my body is overwhelmed, my house is overwhelmed and my mind is overwhelmed. This is a self-imposed prison that I can’t get out of. The “clutter” rules every corner of my life.

Hmm.. I can easily relate to that person because more or less that’s how I feel most of the time lately.

I’m tired. I’m emotionally drained.


Just finished reading the 3rd book of Anne “Green Gables” Shirley’s series :p

And guess what, even after Anne has turned into a young woman in her 20s, I still love her.. so much!! ^o^

Gua berusaha untuk menganalisa what is it about her that I love so much.

And I guess it’s because I find a bit of myself in her.

Huahaha.. gua sih ngga menyamakan diri gua dengan dia karena gua jaauuuuuh bangets dhe tertinggal dari si Anne ;p

I’m not that enthusiastic and optimist as a person.

But somehow I guess.. Anne itu adalah sosok ideal dari the kind of person I want to become, even though gua ngga pernah secara sadar membayangkannya tapi deep down within Anne represents most of the things in life that I value the most.

Anne yang ceria, Anne yang selalu bisa memandang dunia dengan kacamata positif, Anne yang ngga membiarkan segala kesusahan hidup meluluhlantakkan dunianya, Anne yang setia kawan, Anne yang.. yangg.. just perfect in her imperfectness ^o^

One of the things that I admire the most about her adalah tentang kemampuannya berimajinasi karena with a little bit of imajination, hal2 yang paling biasa sekalipun bisa terlihat lebih menarik, huahahaha :p

And pernah ngga seehh kalian punya gambaran tentang your dream lover, sosok bagaimana yang kalian inginkan menjadi kekasih kalian nanti yang mana dengannya kalian akan berbagi segala suka dan duka?

Ngga hanya sekedar bayangan secara umum mengenai sifat2nya tapi kalian benar2 membayangkan sosoknya secara fisik, apa warna rambut dan bola matanya, bagaimana tubuhnya dllsb.

And ketika your dream lover menyapa dalam realitas, sosok yang selama ini hanya ada dalam angan2 tiba2 muncul di depan mata, apakah kalian lebih memilih dirinya atau orang yang selama ini telah dengan setia mendampingi kalian?

Bagaimana menerjemahkan perasaan sendiri ketika hal2 yang selama ini hanya ada dalam fantasi tiba2 menyeruak masuk ke dalam realiti?



Kalo denger Romeo & Juliet, yang kebayang itu pastinya pasangan kekasih hasil imajinasi William Shakespeare.

Tau donks, kisah cinta terlarang di mana kedua anak manusia dari klan yang bermusuhan selama sekian generasi itu akhirnya tanpa sengaja jatuh cinta dan ditentang abis2an ama keluarga mereka and in the end kisah cinta mereka malah berakhir tragis dengan meninggalnya kedua tokoh itu?

Hmm.. what do you think of that story?

Sebagai pencinta happy ending, gua jelas ngga suka akan akhiran di mana Romeo and Juliet tetap ngga bisa bersama di alam nyata sampai dengan akhir hayat mereka.

And gua ngga bisa terima orang yang bunuh diri karena cinta, huahahaha :p

Okayy.. mungkin mang menyakitkan ngga bisa bersama dengan orang yang elo cintai. Tapii.. please dhee.. hanya karena satu orang, elo akan bikin orang sekampung menangisi kematian elo?! *hiperbola mode is on*


Ada satu bagian dari buku yang lagi gua baca, Anne of Avonlea by L.M. Montgomery, yang lumayan mengusik jadi mending gua tulis aja dhe biar ga menuh2in otak, ha3 :p

Percakapan berikut terjadi antara Anne dan tetangga barunya.

Kenapa sih kamu selalu mengatakan sesuatu tentang rambut merah saya?

Lho? Rambut kamu khan memang merah.

Tapi kenapa kamu ngga muji hidung saya yang bagus aja daripada terus mengejek rambut merah saya?!

Khan kamu udah tau hidung kamu bagus!

Lha terus kamu pikir saya ga tau kalo rambut saya merah?!

Wakakakak.. Gua ngakak pas baca bagian ini.


I lovee children books, I do!

Have I mentioned how much I loved them?

Ahh, yes, I have, right at the beginning of the note, eh? :p

Why do I like children books?

I guess because they let our imaginations run free. They sometimes take us to a whole new world, a place where anything is possible, a magical world where the good will always win from the bad, no matter how rough the road one has to take before reaching the end of the journey.


“The Adventures of Pinocchio” by Carlo Collodi

Page 41 :

Don’t listen to those who promise you wealth overnight, my boy. As a rule they are either fools or swindlers. Listen to me and go home.

Page 53 :

“I’m boy, you see, and all boys hate medicine more than they do sickness.”

“What a shame! Boys ought to know, after all, that medicine, taken in time, can save them from much pain and even from death.”

Page 62 :

“I am laughing at those fools who believe everything they hear, and who allow themselves to be caught so easily in the traps set for them.”

“Do you, perhaps, mean me?”

“I certainly do mean you, poor Pinocchio – you who are such a little silly as to believe that gold can be sown in a field just like beans or squash. I, too, believed that once today I am very sorry for it. Today (but too late!) I have reached the conclusion that, in order to come by money honestly, one must work and know how to earn it with hand or brain.”